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Creating solutions with technology

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Chan Shun Hall
4185 E. Campus Circle Dr.
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Computer Science prepares students to design and implement innovative computing solutions to real world problems.  Areas of study include (but not limited to) algorithms, software engineering, graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, databases, theory of computation, networks and Internet technologies. 

Data Scientists provide insight and predictions from data. They work in research labs, startups, corporations, universities, governments, and nonprofits. A degree in data science provides students with skills for acquiring, managing, visualizing, mining, and modeling data. 

Informatics prepares students to use and apply the latest computing technology. Students gain expertise in software development with an emphasis on creating web/mobile applications. They also get experience working with computing hardware, databases, networks, and data analytics. 

If being on the cutting edge of technological innovation is exciting to you, consider a degree in information systems. Learn to use the latest hardware and software tools to help businesses organize, strategize and retrieve mission critical information.

If you are looking for a hands-on, interactive, innovative, and multi-disciplinary “drone” program, then look into the Unmanned Arial Systems Technology (UAST) minor at Andrews University.  We offer Part 107 support, electronic guidance systems, mission planning strategies, safety, and communication systems to successfully operate as a professional industry standard drone operator.

Here we are deploying a fully autonomous (unmanned) drone over southern Michigan's oak forest searching for invasive Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) for a slash/burn project. The drone's role is to isolate problem spots within a 200 acre test plot.  Normally it would take days for staff to hike into the woods to isolate problem spots, now it literally took 13:50 minutes! 
Learn how to fly, build, and earn your Part 107 (drone operator certificate) in our new minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems Technology. Be part of the new work force!

Faculty of Computing

Betty Gibson

Associate Professor of Computer Science & IS
218D Chan Shun Hall

Armand Poblete

Instructor of IS
215B Chan Shun Hall

Rodney Summerscales

PhD, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Haughey Hall 330

Roy Villafane

PhD, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Haughey Hall 308

William Wolfer

MS, Asst. Prof.of Computer Science, Dept Chair
Haughey Hall 310

The Computing department is the home of programs that create solutions for industry, healthcare, academia, society, and the church using the latest computing technology. Our programs teach skills in app/web/database development, data science, artificial intelligence, drone operation, virtual reality, and managing IT infrastructure.

Students work with faculty on research and real world projects. Majors work on interdisciplinary projects that include faculty from departments such as Aviation, Engineering, Architecture, Public Health, and the Seminary. The department has labs for networking, computer maintenance, drones, high-performance computing, and virtual reality development.

Our programs feature small class sizes and hands-on experience in the classroom. Faculty are dedicated, accessible, and work closely with students. Our majors belong to and lead department supported clubs including the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

Our graduates work in a variety of industries such as tech companies, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, education, academia, and church organizations. If you are interested in creating innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of computing, come check us out.