Nursing RN to BSN Online

Today's nurses need a BSN!  Having established career goals and refined their clinical competency, RNs seeking further education can strengthen their professional image, challenge their scholastic abilities, and prepare for graduate school by completing this bachelor of nursing online. Associate degree credits from accredited institutions will transfer. Finish this accelerated program in as little as two years of full-time study. You worked hard to earn your RN, now make sure it pays!


Program Type: Bachelors degree
Program Length: 124 credits
Online Format: interactive online
Program Entry: August, January or May
Application Deadline: Admission year-round
Why at Andrews? Flexible. Faith-based. Online.






Students who successfully complete the program will:

  • Apply Christian values and health principles to restore humans to the image of God.
  • Be culturally aware, sensitive, and appropriate in their nursing practice.
  • Foster open and effective communication.
  • Utilize critical thinking, clinical reasoning, judgment, evidenced-based practice in patient-centered care.
  • Apply leadership concepts, principles of advocacy and decision making in quality patient care.
  • Function effectively in professional team to achieve quality patient care.


  • Official transcripts for high school diploma, RN associate degree and any other university studies
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Current RN  license & CPR certification from AHA
  • Clear criminal background check & drug screen
  • Current immunizations: MMR1&2, T-dap
  • Tests: TB skin, Hepatitis B, varicella-zoster

School of Nursing RN-BSN application is separate. Details are emailed once admitted to Andrews University.

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  • Hospital care (surgical, acute, etc.)
  • Pediatric health
  • Mental health
  • Women's health
  • Health/medical industry
  • Education
  • Administration and management


MAJOR - 32 credits

NRSG 305 Health Assessment
NRSG 315 Pathophysiology
NRSG 320 Professional Nursing Concepts
NRSG 433 Leadership in Nursing Practice
NRSG 438 Mission Service in Nursing
NRSG 443 Nursing Informatics
NRSG 445 Nursing Research
NRSG 450 Community Nursing
NRSG 466 Wellness & Restoration II
NRSG 470 Global Health Nursing

CORE EXPERIENCE — 43 credits (some RN)

Religion: RELT 100 or RELB 210 & 3 classes 
Communications: 3 classes
History: 1 class
Humanities: 2 classes
Natural Science: 1 lab class
Mathematics: 1 class
Social Sciences: 1 class
Wellness: 1 class

ELECTIVES - balance to 124 credits