Michigan Transfer Agreement Categories

General education requirements at most universities require one or two class from each of these broad categories. We recommend taking one from each category before adding a second from any category. As Andrews University is accredited, credits are transferable to most U.S. colleges and universities towards general education requirements. These reflect the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) and Andrews Core Experience (ACE) categories.  All are taught online, some alternating years. Those with * are taught online as well.

ENGL 115 College Writing I*
ENGL 215 College Writing II*
COMM 104 Communication Skills*

MATH 145 Mathematics for the (Mis)Information Age
MATH 165 College Algebra*
MATH 168  Precalculus*
MATH 191 Calculus I*
MATH 192 Calculus II
STAT 285  Introduction to Applied Statistics

BIOL 100 Human Biology
BIOL 110 Principles of Biology
BIOL 165 Foundations of Biology
BIOL 166 Foundations of Biology
BIOL 208 Environmental Science*
BIOL 221 Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 222 Anatomy & Physiology II
BIOL 260 General Microbiology
BCHM 120 Intro to Organic and Biological Chemistry
CHEM 100 Consumer Chemistry
CHEM 110 - Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 131 General Chemistry I
CHEM 132 General Chemistry II
PHYS 110 Astronomy*
PHYS 141 General Physics I
PHYS 142 General Physics II
PHYS 225 Sound & Waves

ANTH 124 Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology*
ANTH 205 Introduction to Archaeology
BHSC 225 Global Social Issues
ECON 225 Principles of Macroeconomics*
ECON 226 Principles of Microeconomics*
FNCE 206 Personal Finance
GEOG 110 Survey of Geography
PLSC 104 American Government
PLSC 237 Individual, State and Marketplace
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology*
PSYC 210 Intro to Health Psychology
SOCI 119 Principles of Sociology*
SOCI 215 Intro to Criminal Justice
SOCI 255 Juvenile Delinquency

ARCH 150 Introduction to Architecture and Design
ARTH 220 Language of Art
ENGL 255 Studies in Literature
FREN 171 Elementary French I
FREN 172 Elementary French II
FREN 275 Intermediate French
FREN 280 French Conversation & Composition
HIST 110 History, Culture & Gods
HIST 117 Civilizations & Ideas I*
HIST 118 Civilizations & Ideas II*
HIST 204 American Experience I*
HIST 205 American Experience II*
MUHL 214 Enjoyment of Music*
PHIL 224 Introduction to Philosophy
PHTO 210 History of Photography
SPAN 171 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 172 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 275 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 280 Spanish Converstn & Composition


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Type the acronym and number in the bulletin search to find course descriptions and prerequisites. Check the course schedule for a particular semester to find time, location, instructor and syllabus details.