Online Tuition, Fees & Funding

Calculating the cost begins with knowing how many credits your program requires, how transferred and prior learning credits will reduce that total, and what discounts or scholarships you may be eligible for.  Use the information on this page, and the links below, to build a budget. Note that most classes are 3 credits, and a full-time load is 12-16 undergraduate or 8-12 graduate credits. Contact us to discover just how accessible your educational goals are, with Andrews online flexibility, excellent academics, and caring Christian mentors.

Undergraduate Program Credits Cost per Credit
Online Certificates in Christian Discipleship & Missions 18 $405
Online Ministry Certificate (in Spanish) 18 $285
Associates of Arts or Science Online Degrees 62 $405
Bachelor of Arts or Science Online Degrees 124 $405
Online Degree Completion: RN to BSN  32-62 $405
Seize the Summer intensive online classes   $190
Online Dual Enrollment classes for high school online students   $140
Online guests pay regular online tuition outside of Seize the Summer   $405
  • Online study for degrees students includes a distance fee of $135 per semester. Guest or non-degree students pay a guest fee of $65 per semester.
  • Additional fees may apply based on services such as course fees (listed in course schedule), prior learning assessed or late fees (see all fees here). Check your student account each semester, even if you paid in full at the start, as fees will be added to your account within a month of the service rendered.

Seniors (65 or older) may request a 50% discount for up to three credits annually.  Other discounts may apply as negotiated through employers and various agreements for specific groups of students or specific programs. Please use the contact information provided on individual program pages to check what might be available to you!

Up to 94 credits can be transferred in to a bachelor's degree, up to 47 credits into an associate degree, and a maximum of 6 credits into a graduate program. Personal and professional development that is aligned with course outcomes may be assessed to earn credit for prior learning.  Both transferred credits and prior learning credit awards will save you time and money on your path to degree completion.

Online undergraduate programs are all discounted so no Andrews University scholarships apply.  Unless noted for a specific campus, graduate scholarships apply to online programs as well.

If living in the USA, research external scholarships, follow directions and apply! Also seek out scholarships through your employer, church, and other organizations in your town and country.  Consider these tips for affording college, and review all financial aid options for online students. 

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Building a budget and securing funding takes time and action, so apply at least six months before you plan to begin. Meet with your financial and academic advisor as soon as you're admitted for the strongest start.