ESL Classes

ESL classes in DIEP are offered in person and online. Students can begin taking ESL classes at the start of the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters. There are four levels of ESL classes in DIEP, and each level has core classes in grammar, reading-writing, and listening-speaking. We also offer skill-building classes in pronunciation, conversation skills, American culture, reading and discussion, and college writing preparation. All of our ESL classes contribute to our central mission of giving students the ability to successfully communicate in English in a short amount of time. Click List of DIEP ESL Classes for a complete description of the ESL classes that DIEP offers.

Who takes ESL classes in DIEP?

Anyone who is at least 16 years old and who would like to learn and improve English language skills can take DIEP ESL classes. We serve students who come to DIEP intending only to study English. We also serve students who plan to move into undergraduate or graduate degree programs at Andrews University after they complete their ESL classes.

How to complete the ESL Program in DIEP?

All new DIEP students take a required English Placement Test (EPT). Based on the EPT score, students are placed into one of the four levels of ESL classes. Students begin taking classes in the initially placed level and as they pass their classes move up to the next level until the Advanced Level is completed successfully. In addition, all DIEP students are required to take and pass a speaking test at the Advanced Level. Finally, to complete the ESL program, students must take and pass a required exit exam. Upon completing the ESL program in DIEP, a student will earn a DIEP Certificate.

How much does it cost to take DIEP ESL classes?

Please click here to see the tuition fees and costs associated with DIEP program. 

DIEP Testimonials

Students at the Department of Intensive English Programs (DIEP) at Andrews University share their experiences.


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