Test Registration

Which test should I take?

DIEP only students: If you are coming to study English at the Department of Intensive English (DIEP) at Andrews University, you need to take the English Placement Test (EPT). You will not be able to enroll in DIEP classes until you take the EPT. To register for the next available EPT, please click here.

Degree only students: If you are applying to study for a degree program at Andrews University and have to submit an official English language test score as evidence of English proficiency, you need to take an English proficiency test at authorized test centers around the world. For a complete list of the English language proficiency tests accepted by Andrews University and the minimum scores needed to study in a degree program, click Andrews Language Tests and Scores. For a list of countries exempt from the English proficiency requirement, click here

Pathway students (part DIEP and part degree): If you have already been accepted as a Pathway (former Bridge) student, you don't need to take any English language proficiency tests. Please contact us at diep@andrews.edu and we will help you to register for classes.