Graduate Student Scholarships

We recognize that the decision to pursue graduate-level studies indicates an important commitment of time and resources. Here are some resources available for qualifying graduate students:

School of Graduate Studies Scholarship

The Graduate Scholarship is a tuition reduction percentage, based on the GRE or GMAT scores and admission GPA.


  • The Graduate Scholarship is available for students in:
    • All on campus Master programs (except professional master programs and MSW).
    • Professional Doctoral level programs: EDS, EDD, DPT.
    • Doctoral programs PhD, ThD.
  • The Graduate Scholarship may overlap with another scholarship from an Andrews University budget.
  • The Graduate Scholarship will not be available for programs that already have a discounted tuition below the standard tuition rate.
  • If the Graduate Scholarship is greater than the discount provided by the specific program, then the difference will be awarded as an additional scholarship.
  • The Graduate Scholarship does not apply for staff members that are using the free class benefit from Andrews University. If the Graduate Scholarship is greater than the discount for which the staff member is eligible for, the difference will be awarded as an additional scholarship.
  • The Graduate Scholarship will be assigned by the School of Graduate Studies and Research and applied by the Office of Student Financial Services at the time of a student’s registration.


The scholarship is awarded if the student meets the minimum admission scores for the GRE or the GMAT, achieves the higher scores listed below and has an admission GPA equal to or greater than 3.0. See AU Bulletin, School of Graduate Studies: Required Test: Minimum GRE Scores for more information.


Scholarship time limits:

  • Master's level programs—4 semesters
  • MSSLP, EDS, EDD—6 semesters
  • PHD, THD—8 semesters
  • DPT-9 semesters


  • Graduate students who meet the appropriate GRE/GMAT scores and cumulative GPA are eligible for the Graduate Scholarship. Students are required to take the GRE/GMAT and submit official transcripts prior to admission. Students who take the GRE/GMAT and submit official transcripts during their first semester (for example, the test is offered only on Sabbath or once per year in their home country) and are eligible for the scholarship will receive the scholarship during their first semester.
  • A new graduate student may take the GRE/GMAT test multiple times during their first semester for the purpose of increasing their scholarship for the second and following semesters. In that case, the highest score will count toward the GRE/GMAT scholarship. All three sections of the GRE (Verbal, Quantitative and Written) must be taken together at the same time as the three scores from one test date are considered for the scholarship.  After the first graduate semester, retaking the GRE and earning a higher score will not change the scholarship.
  • In order to retain the Graduate Scholarship, students are required to maintain the minimum GPA for their program. Students whose GPA falls below the required minimum for their program will permanently forfeit the scholarship. 
  • Students applying and accepted to a second graduate degree, who already had received the Graduate Scholarship, may be eligible for the scholarship for the new program.


Tuition Reduction Combined Verbal & Quantitative GRE Scores GMAT Score Written GRE Score

Masters:min V+Q 140 each, to total ≥300

Doctoral: min V+Q 142 each, to total ≥300
≥500 ≥3.0

Masters: min V+Q 140 each, to total ≥310

Doctoral: min V+Q 142 each, to total ≥310
≥550 ≥3.0

Masters: min V+Q 140 each, to total ≥320

Doctoral: min V+Q 142 each, to total ≥320
≥600 ≥3.0
Tuition Reduction Programs

DSLE - MA Religious Education (must apply each semester) Based on GPA & other DSLE-MA Bible Teaching (online only) criteria. See program director for details.

33% All MSW programs (online and on campus) $850 per credit ($1267x33%)

⇒For the MSW program when part of the dual degree with the seminary, additional 10% discount, $722 per credit ($1267x43%)

⇒For the MSW program when part of the MSCID/MSW dual degree, additional 10%, $722 per credit ($1267x43%)

⇒For the MSW program when part of the MBA/MSW dual degree, additional 10% discount, $722 per credit ($1267x43%)

33% MBA Business Administration (online and on campus)

DSLE - MA Youth & Young Adult Ministry (must apply each semester) Based on GPA & other criteria. See program director for details.

DSLE - MA Chaplaincy

DSLE - MA Family Life


EdS School Psychology

MA School Counseling

MA Clinical Mental Health


PhD Counseling Psychology

MS Special Education

Leadership Certificate

MA Learning Technologies

MA Communication (includes dual degree)

DMISS Missiology

MA Religion (online and on-campus)


MA English

MS Biology

MSCID Community & International Development, all students in degree

DNP Nursing Practice

MPH Public Health

DScPT Physical Therapy

MS Nutrition & Wellness

Online MS Medical Laboratory Science

DMISS Missiology

Masters in Health Care Administration

DScOT Occupational Therapy

Seminary Fellowship Post-Doctoral Certificate

56% DMIN Ministry

Flate-rate 10-14 credits

$392/credit 1-9 credits

Summer prices are different.

MDiv Divinity
Other programs with reduced tuition

t-DPT Physical Therapy

MSSPLP Masters Speech Language Pathology

Graduate Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics

MA Pastoral Ministry

Additional 10% discount for dual enrollment in MSW with MPH, MDiv, MSCID or MBA

The Department of Music offers scholarships such as performance scholarships, graduate tuition reduction, and graduate teaching assistantships to encourage all qualified students to consider applying for admission  To learn more, visit the Department of Music page.

This scholarship is for women working on a graduate degree in any of the University schools. Applications will be considered for several different named scholarships (which have their own criteria, e.g., must be: a Seminary student, a School of Education student in educational or counseling psychology, or a student working on a music degree, etc.), as well as the more general WSC Advisory Scholarship and Honored Women Scholarship. To give applicants the best chance to receive an award, the committee will determine which scholarship best fits the applicant. Two letters of recommendation from professors and/or individuals who are not relatives are required. Click here to submit your application.

For returned missionary women ONLY. The objective of this scholarship is to enable deserving missionary women to update with graduate education after returning from cross-cultural service, when their personal funds for education may be low. To learn about criteria required for selection and apply for this scholarship, click here.

SCSD GPA Scholarhip Table-6 Semesters

Percent Discount GPA Score Minimums
10% 3.50 to 3.60
25% 3.61 to 3.79
50% 3.80 to 4.00


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