Women's Scholarship Committee Scholarship


This scholarship is for women working on a graduate degree in any of the University schools. Applications will be considered for several different named scholarships (which have their own criteria, e.g., must be: a Seminary student, a School of Education student in educational or counseling psychology, or a student working on a music degree, etc.), as well as the more general WSC Advisory Scholarship and Honored Women Scholarship. To give applicants the best chance to receive an award, the committee will determine which scholarship best fits the applicant. Two recommendations are required from professionals such as advisors, pastors, major professors and employers/supervisors.

Deadline: April 13, 2023

Scholarship Application Form
List current or past significant memberships and offices held in student, church or community organizations. Please include name of organization, position or office(s) held and dates of involvement.
How much other financial assistance will you be receiving for the coming academic year? List all sources and amounts.
Please describe your career goals and how this scholarship will further those goals.