Archie A. and Kathryn Thomason Steele Endowed Scholarship


To enable deserving missionary women to update with graduate education after returning from cross-cultural service, when their personal funds for education may be low.


Successful cross-cultural mission experience (a minimum of four years), whether as homemaker or employee; academic excellence; acceptance into one of Andrews University's graduate programs; spiritual commitment; financial need and eligibility as established by the University's financial-aid policy. Each applicant must provide two recommendations, one of which should be from a mission administrator well acquainted with the applicant's mission service, the other from a faculty member within the student's discipline or a pastor familiar with the student.

Deadline: April 13, 2023

Scholarship Application Form
List the dates, locations and details of your missionary experience.
List current or past significant memberships and offices held in student, church or community organizations. Please include name of organization, position or office(s) held and dates of involvement.
How much other financial assistance will you be receiving for the coming academic year? List all sources and amounts.
Please describe your career goals and how this scholarship will further those goals.