Physical Therapy—T-DPT, DScPT

The Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy (DScPT) is designed to train the physical therapist clinician to become a specialist in orthopaedic manual therapy. You will also enhance your research and clinical leadership skills. This academic doctoral degree is an accepted credential for teaching in a DPT program. A DScPT/Fellowship track in partnership with NAIOMT is also available in addition to the orthopaedic residency.

The Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT) provides advanced learning for practicing physical therapists. You will enrich skills in medical screening, differential diagnosis, education and research while transitioning to the current professional (entry-level) DPT degree.

The t-DPT and DScPT programs are available in both on-campus and distance learning formats.


  • t-DPT: This 35 credits program can typically be completed by full time students in two years.
  • DScPT: 64 credits for those who hold a BS or MS degree and 42 credits for those who hold a DPT degree. Can typically be completed by full time students in 3 years or 2–3 years for student transitioning from DPT to DScPT.


The Physical Therapy Post Professional programs admits new students every Fall Semester. On campus and Interactive online Prospective students must submit their applications by May 1st.

Prospective students for the DScPT program holding a DPT degree may be considered for admission for spring semester. For more information please email

International prospective students are advised to complete and submit all the application requirements at least 3 months before the deadlines listed above to allow enough time for processing the immigration documents.


  • Partnered with the North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT).
  • Curriculum based program with potential for credit for prior learning for manual therapy certification, OCS certification and FAAOMPT.
  • Catered to experienced clinicians.



  • The equivalent of a 4 year US bachelor's degree.  Applicants must have graduated from an approved school of physical therapy and be licensed to practice in their country of origin or in the country in which they live.  
  • Transcripts: An original copy from any institution where classes were taken must be sent to Andrews University. If original transcripts are not written in English, applicants must upload both original language and literal English translations.
  • Two years of experience working as a physical therapist prior to applying.
  • A minimum of three Recommendations must be submitted.
    • A practicing physical therapist.
    • A medical doctor.
    • A non-relative who is familiar with the applicant.
  • Portfolio: Applicants with a master’s degree must submit a portfolio, this documents will have vital information for admission decision as well as determination for competency credits.
    • An updated resume.
    • All post-graduate continue education courses.
    • Copies of speciality certifications and course certificates.
  • PTET is required for US and Canadian trained physical therapists holding only a bachelor's degree. For information on obtaining PTET please visit the APTA website.
  • Foreign trained physical therapists must complete the FCCPT application and fully satisfy course content, credit and requirements.
  • English Proficiency: Students whose language of education is not English must submit a minimum TOEFL score of 80 or 6.5 in the IELTS.

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