College of Arts & Sciences

Looking for an opportunity to continue your education in the pursuit of a master’s degree? 

The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) at Andrews University offers a select group of graduate programs designed to further your preparation for a career in biology,  international development, music and social work.  Committed to providing a rigorous curriculum within a faith-based context enriched by opportunities to work closely with experienced faculty, CAS graduate programs encourage critical thinking, advanced skill-building and interdisciplinary conversations.

I invite you to become part of our diverse community of teachers and scholars.  As a graduate of the College of Arts & Sciences you will join your chosen profession equipped with the ability to articulate and analyze the philosophical and practical dimensions of your discipline.  Even more importantly, however, we hope that your experience at Andrews University encourages you to invest in a life of service, becoming a true world-changer.

Amy Rosenthal, PhD
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences