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At Andrews we are firm believers that a top-notch education should be affordable. Our undergraduate students never pay full price. We offer every admitted student up to $14,000 in scholarships per year. And that’s just the beginning. The average out‑of‑pocket cost is often about $6,000 thanks to your hard work, good grades and financial aid.

$6,050 USD
Yearly out-of-pocket
With $6,958 USD in loans
Andrews University
Tuition: $32,410 USD
Federal subsidized/unsubsidized, Parents loans, etc.
-$6,958 USD
Summer Ministry Work + Matching Scholarship
13 weeks
-$5,200 USD
Student Work Contribution
15 hours a week/30 weeks
-$6,000 USD
Scholarships, Gifts and Grants
Andrews Partnership Scholarship (APS), Federal Aid
-$18,000 USD
Tuition, Fees, Room & Board
$42,208 USD
Costs Breakdown

Costs Breakdown

Tuition package (12-16 credits) $31,464
General Fee $1,270
Residence Hall (double occupancy) $5,324
Food plan (meals) $4,150
Total $42,208

Tuition for less than 12 hours is $1,311 per credit hour. Tuition for each credit hour over 16 semester hours is $1,068. Books and supplies to cost an estimated $1,100.

More complete financial information can be found in the Student Financial Services website.

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 *This interactive tool estimates possible scenarios for US citizens and permanent residents and may not reflect your actual costs. Numbers derived from IPED's 19-20.


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You’ve got lots of scholarship opportunities available to you at Andrews. These include Andrews gift aid, named scholarship, legacy scholarship, music performance scholarship, student missionary scholarship, summer ministries scholarship, Canadian exchange scholarship, etc.

We invest in World Changers like you.

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