Canadian Exchange Rate Plan

Andrews University values our Canadian student population and their contribution to our campus. We are aware that current economic conditions and an unfavorable currency exchange have placed an additional burden on these students. We are sympathetic to the financial sacrifices that our Canadian families make in their commitment to an Adventist education. In an effort to help bridge the U.S.-Canadian exchange rate gap, it has been decided that if the exchange rate (based on the Bank of Canada, published rates) for the Canadian dollar drops below .90 USD, Andrews University will award a rebate based on the U.S. equivalent of payments made, not to exceed the amount owed per semester. An example of this plan is shown below. We hope this plan will help our Canadian students, as well as demonstrate our regard. The details of this plan are as follows:

This plan will be available to both undergraduate and graduate students (current and new). For students entering fall term, the exchange rate on August 1 will be used to determine if this plan will apply. (Example: Exchange rate of .90 and higher will not qualify for this Canadian Exchange Rebate.) For students entering spring term, the exchange rate on January 1 will be used to determine plan activation; May 1 for summer term. Once the student/family have met all of their part of the financial plan, a rebate representing the currency difference based on their payments made will be posted to the student account after drop/add date and again at the beginning of each month for any additional payments made in prior month.

In order to get your Canadian Exchange Rate Rebate  you must send an email to the Office of Student Financial Services at Any other questions please contact your Student Financial Services financial advisor.