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  1. How can I add the AU Syllabus resource in Learninghub/Moodle?
  2. How can I change the due date/close date for an Assignment/Quiz?
  3. How can I embed media into my course
  4. How can I find my course
  5. How can I give a non-AU student/Guest access to my course?
  6. How can I make a forum read-only
  7. How can I make drop boxes?
  8. How can I set up conference/meetings times with my students in Learninghub/Moodle?
  9. How do I add a welcome to my course?
  10. How do I add Panopto to a course?
  11. How do I change the layout/format of my course
  12. How do I get student's who are not financially cleared?
  13. How do I get student's who are not registered in a specific course?
  14. How do I import my content from one class to another?
  15. How do I make quizzes or exam for my course?
  16. How does a student with an I or DG in a course get access?
  17. How to add a Credo LTI link to your Moodle course
  18. How to add an extra credit item to gradebook
  19. How to Add an iClicker Block in Moodle
  20. How to Add the Attendance Block, and Take Attendance in Moodle
  21. How to check messages in LearningHub
  22. How to check notifications of LearningHub
  23. How to check quiz results in Panopto
  24. How to Customize your Dashboard Using an HTML Block
  25. How to give access to non-students to your course
  26. How to Install the Course Overview Legacy Block
  27. How to install the Moodle App for Mobile Devices
  28. How to Login to LearningHub
  29. How to manage notifications
  30. How to manage the OneTopic format
  31. How to move a course from "In progress" to the "Past" courses tab
  32. How to move a course from "In progress" to the "Past" courses tab.
  33. How to Resubmit Assignments
  34. How to See Grades
  35. How to Submit Assignments
  36. How to upload Syllabus to iVue
  37. How to use Download Center
  38. How to use FontAwesome
  39. How to Use the Dates Report
  40. How to use the Tab Display resource
  41. How to Use the Tabs Filter
  42. How to View Courses
  43. How to view suspended students in gradebook, to view all students, non active students
  44. How to view your grades in LearningHub
  45. Upload your photo to Vault
  46. What courses show up in the Moodle home page (Dashboard)?

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