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About the International

Development Program

The principal purpose of this program is to provide a venue for leadership training of professionals whose work responsibilities and life situation do not permit a return to full-time study at a university campus.

The inter-disciplinary program takes three to five years to complete and it draws on the strength of all six schools of the university. Students attend 3–4 week intensive sessions at extension sites in a selection of various locations around the world.

The goal of the Program is to strengthen organizations in project management skills and administration. The ultimate goal is to enable graduates to acquire whatever capacities they need to be effective agents in assisting communities to attain well-being for its present members and their future generations.

We will connect you with comprehensive instruction, personalized student-professor interaction, attention to research, and emphasis on the dimensions of administering projects in diverse environments—this will give you the understanding, application, and competitive edge you need to become a leader in your profession.


This unique capacity building program has been available since 1996.




Students Say...


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Prabhook, Sri Lanka
...The courses were conducted by professors who were very experienced in the field and also who were practitioners. I like the fact that the IDP program brings in practitioners and not just professors who teach full time since there is a difference when you learn from a practitioner...
Petra, USA
...As I interacted and discussed with my various classmates, I recognized a reflection of priorities – a similarity of values – with which my soul resonated. It is easy to fall into a steady hum-drum existence when working in the mission field. I was doing my duties and performing my tasks, but the spirit was gone. I had forgotten my primary motivation for international service. Visiting with my IDP classmates reminded me of my purpose: to bless my fellow man with the love of God....
Stella, South Africa
...The programme is very intensive but fulfilling at the same time and the diversity that comes with the scholars from different corners of the world just add the lustre. I am so much enlightened now and since returning to my office, I have changed the way we have been doing things before, instead of creating dependency I am now focusing on capacity building of communities for self-sustenance...
Karla, Uzbekistan
...Let me tell you that the class you taught us [Program Planning and Grantwriting] was of vital importance for my work. What a difference afterwards! Since then the projects I have been writing are much better and professional because of the logframe. Thanks again for the excellent classes and discussions. By the way, the Tobacco Project I wrote and submitted as my assignment to you: it seems that it was all funded and we should start it by April...
Yel, Cambodia
...I would like to inform you that I have submitted my research baseline study abstract and its activities to the Global Health Council sometime ago and now I have approved by the Global Health council organizer to present my paper and its activities during the Global Health Councils 30th Annual conference in Washington, D.C, USA. All my travel expense, accommodation, food and transportation will be paid by the conference organizer. I received the US visa last week to go to the conference...
David, Kenya
...I must say the MSA/IDP programme has benefited me. Besides helping me improve the quality of my work and projects that are directly under me, I have been able to pass on the knowledge that I have received so far to many more people. The opportunity of discussing with others what I am currently studying, helps me to understand the subject even more. I hope my colleagues are having the same experience...


English (Italy, Kenya, South Africa, Ukraine)

Español (Chile, Dominican Republic)

Français (Togo)

Russian (Ukraine)



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