International Development Program
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Graduate Certificate in

International Development

15 credits


To qualify for a graduate level certificate, prospective students must already hold a terminal undergraduate degree (a bachelor’s degree). The purpose of a graduate certificate is to provide specialized knowledge within a certain emphasis. The certificate involves less cost and requirements than a master’s degree. The certificate program represents a focused collection of courses (15 credits) and when completed affords the student a record of academic accomplishment at the graduate level in international development.


Required courses – 6 credits

Development Theory and Practice CIDS520 (3)

Leadership & Management of
       Not-for-Profit-Organizations BSAD530 (3)


Elective courses – 9 credits

Choose from the following courses:

Communication in Development Practice COMM540 (2)

Cultural and Development Anthropology ANTH517 (2)

Development Design & Evaluation CIDS536 (3)

Ethics in Development IDAS610 (2)

Financial Analysis and Reporting ACCT625 (3)

Needs Assessment, Capacity Mapping,
       & Program Planning CIDS530 (3)

Organizational Behavior & Leadership BSAD515 (3)

Public Policy, Civil Society and Development PLSC525 (2)





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