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2020 Finances

Andrews University is providing the off-campus International Development Program at reduced and affordable tuition rates. Andrews University does not extend a line of credit to students. Payment arrangements prior to session attendance are required. Payment options currently available are detailed under the "Finances" tab above.

Unless otherwise specified, all dollar amounts quoted are in USD.


Tuition per Session

Tuition rates for the 2020** calendar year will be based on the Human Development Index rankings for 2018 (as published in the 2019 Human Development Report). Students will be charged each year according to their country of citizenship and/or employment and will be subject to changes in tuition rates from year to year. The rates listed to the right are per session. Tuition rates may increase annually at a rate not higher than 10%.

**As of 23 January 2020, the 2019 Human Development Report has not been published. At such time as the report becomes available, the information on this page may be subject to change.





1-28 $4,000 $0     $4,000
29-39 $4,000 $800     $3,200
40-89 $4,000 $1,700     $2,300
90+ $4,000 $1,800     $2,200




Travel Costs

Students are responsible to pay for travel and related costs to and from the venue.


Online Courses

The tuition fee for the required online courses is $90 per credit. Should an online course need to be retaken for any reason, the per credit tuition fee will need to be paid again plus an additional $200 retake fee per course.



Application Fee (1st Session) & Advisor Fee (2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sessions)
Beginning May 2018, the tuition rates above have been raised to absorb these costs and thus simplify the billing process. They will no longer show separately on student statements.

Site Specific Service Fees
These costs vary by site and are detailed to the right by clicking the venue site name. The tuition costs above will be adjusted accordingly so that the charges on the student statement for each site will be one tuition charge and one discount per course taken.

Program Continuation Fee
Beginning 12 months after the student's final intensive, $200 (HDI 1-39) or $100 (HDI 40+) will be charged annually through the period the student continues to work on the degree, focus area, and research requirements.







Venue fees

These fees are separate from tuition and are to be paid directly to the venue. Payment is due at the time of the session; no credit is available.

Select a venue...

Kenya 2020

  • Service Fee of USD 150 paid to IDP.
  • Students need to locate their own food and lodging.

Togo 2019

  • Students need to locate their own food and lodging. Options.
  • $100 Service Fee per person

Ukraine 2020

For students attending the Ukraine session from overseas, the following costs will apply and be paid to the university during the first week of study:

  • Lodging and food (3 meals) USD$15/day (shared room)
  • Service fee USD100/ for the session
  • Costs related to mailing the invitation for visa purposes.
  • Airport transfer (if requested) is USD25. If you would like the university to meet you, please send flight details at least a week in advance. The trip is about 45-60 minutes from the airport.



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