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Aeronautics Gets New Flight Simulators

Date: December 20, 2006
Phone: 269-471-3322

The Aeronautics Department recently welcomed the arrival of two new flight simulators. Andrews University is the first institution to receive this particular brand of simulator, which comes from a factory in central France who is hoping to begin manufacturing and distributing in the United States.

The simulators will be helpful to aviation students, particularly during inclement weather, when it is not possible to teach advanced flight. "Simulators will give us the ability to teach in an advanced cockpit in all conditions," said Allan Payne, department chair. 

With the new equipment, flight instructors can teach many techniques, including takeoffs, landings, private maneuvers, instrumental flying, and commercial maneuvers. Though students are required to spend four-fifths of commercial flying in an actual airplane, they can amass up to 50 hours in a simulator. This reduces the expenses for flying, especially since it cuts down on fuel consumption and insurance costs. The computer can create emergency situations, like smoke in the cockpit, to help students assess and fly in hazardous situations.

The final step is to solidify the simulators' place in the department and community. Retired construction and steelworkers, as well as contractors, from the Berrien Springs community are collaborating with sponsorship from Fiskars Construction to help set up the building that will hold the simulators. With the new building in place, groups from the community, such as the Rotary Club or the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) can meet there. It can also serve as a base for rescue operation exercises. The new building will allow Aeronautics to serve the community, as well as provide an enhanced academic program for its students.

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