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Faculty & Staff Awards 2014

Date: March 11, 2014

by Becky St. Clair

The theme for the 2014 Andrews University Faculty and Staff Awards celebration was “An Evening Among the Stars.” On Sunday, March 2, hundreds of faculty and staff gathered in the Howard Performing Arts Center for the event celebrating stars among their coworkers and colleagues.

The evening’s entertainment also focused on “stardom” from among Andrews faculty and staff: Act I featured the Gane family performing Allegro from “Concerto Grosso in D minor” by Vivaldi; Act II shone the spotlight on six faculty and staff members who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro; Act III was a performance of a traditional Malaysian dance by eight staff and community members; and Act IV featured Mickey Kutzner, research professor of physics, demonstrating inertia and bravery by lying under a board of 1,000 nails and having a cinderblock shattered with a sledgehammer on top of it.

Concluding the evening’s entertainment, Dave Faehner, vice president for University Advancement, well-known for his presentation of “Dave’s Top Ten” reasons to attend Andrews University during Convocation, presented “Dave’s Top Eight” reasons to work for Andrews University.

Each year at this event faculty and staff are given recognition through the Years of Service Awards, Excellence in Service Awards, Faith Development Leadership Award, Daniel A. Augsburger Excellence in Teaching Awards, and Siegfried H. Horn Excellence in Research & Creative Scholarship Awards.

Click on each name to hear an audio recording of the tributes given to each recipient at the event.

Siegfried H. Horn Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship Award
This award was established in 2011 to honor Siegfried Horn’s legacy of scholarship and contribution to the field of biblical archaeology at Andrews University, and his impact upon the world church and the wider community of scholars. It recognizes the lifetime scholarship achievement of Andrews University faculty members in four separate categories. Award recipients, who must be associate or full professors and full-time employees for a minimum of five years, are selected by the membership of the Scholarly Research Council.

This year’s recipients are:
Pure & Applied Sciences: Gary Burdick, professor of physics, College of Arts & Sciences and associate dean of research, School of Graduate Studies & Research
Arts, Humanities and Education: Greg Constantine, emeritus research professor of art and artist-in-residence, School of Architecture, Art & Design
Religion & Theology: Roy Gane, professor of Hebrew Bible & ancient Near Eastern languages, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
Professional Programs: Marcia Kilsby, associate professor and chair, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, School of Health Professions 

L–R: Gary Burdick, Marcia Kilsby, Greg Constantine, Roy Gane

Staff Excellence in Service Award
The recipients of this award are hourly or salaried full- or part-time staff who have served for at least three consecutive years, and have not previously received the award. The award is given in recognition of outstanding service to the University, the church and the community, and for demonstrating, by precept and example, a Christ-centered life.

This year’s recipients are Dorothy Show, executive administrative assistant to the dean, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary; Vicki Thompson, associate director, Office of Student Financial Services; and Jamie Wright, assistant manager, Office of Plant Services

L–R: Vicki Thompson, Dorothy Show; Not pictured: Jamie Wright

Daniel A. Augsburger Excellence in Teaching Award
This award recognizes faculty whose teaching reflects the high standards of excellence modeled by Daniel A. Augsburger in his 60 years of teaching at Andrews University. Augsburger’s leadership, academic rigor, breadth of knowledge, teacher-scholar role, along with care and concern for students, exemplify the best of faculty endeavors. Faculty from each school nominate and choose their individual candidates.

This year’s recipients are:
Lauren Matacio, associate professor of instructional library science, College of Arts & Sciences
David Randall, associate professor of chemistry, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, College of Arts & Sciences
Kathryn Silva, assistant professor of history, Department of History & Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences
Andrew von Maur, professor of architecture, School of Architecture, Art & Design
Ron Coffen, professor of counseling and school psychology, Department of Graduate Psychology & Counseling, School of Education
Lee Olson, associate professor of physical therapy, Department of Physical Therapy, School of Health Professions
Jerry Moon, chair and associate professor of church history, Department of Church History, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary

Front row, L–R: Lauren Matacio, Kathryn Silva, Ron Coffen; Back row, L–R: Jerry Moon, Andrew von Maur, Lee Olson, David Randall

Faith Development Leadership Award
This honor is awarded to any employee who has made a significant contribution to the spiritual life of campus.

This year’s honoree is Susan Zork, assistant professor of religion, Department of Religion & Biblical Languages, College of Arts & Sciences.  

35 Years of Service Awards
Bruce Closser, associate professor of English, Department of English, College of Arts & Sciences, has earned respect and admiration during his 35 years at Andrews for his expertise and patience in the classroom.

Marjorie Gadway, building supervisor, decided to leave her career in God’s hands and 35 years later she is still working at the Office of Custodial Services.

L–R: Marjorie Gadway, Bruce Closser

30 Years of Service Awards
Michael Harrington began his career in the mid-1980s with College Wood Products, becoming a full-time cow feeder at the Dairy two years later.

Marcia Kilsby, associate professor and chair of the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, School of Health Professions, has a rich history with Andrews University, joining the faculty in 1984 and earning three degrees here.

Miroslav Kiš, professor of ethics, has served as professor of ethics in the Department of Theology & Christian Philosophy in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary for the last 30 years. For 27 of those years he led the department as chair.

Eileen Lesher, international transcript specialist for Graduate Enrollment, School of Graduate Studies & Research, uses her diligence and attention to detail wisely and effectively in international transcript evaluations for international students wishing to enroll in an Andrews graduate program.

Brian Strayer, professor of history, Department of History & Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences, is known for his tough yet fair approach in the classroom, and his colleagues appreciate his staunch support for the rights of the faculty.

Gary Williams, senior associate registrar, Office of Academic Records, is not only perfect on paper for the job, known for his attention to detail, order and thoroughness, but is kind to boot.

L–R: Michael Harrington, Marcia Kilsby, Eileen Lesher, Gary Williams, Brian Strayer;
Not pictured: Miroslav Kiš

25 Years of Service Awards
Nancy Carbonell, associate professor of counselor education and counseling psychology, Department of Graduate Psychology & Counseling, School of Education, aspired to be a teacher and has since realized she has taught all grade levels. She is a fully licensed psychologist who maintains a part-time private practice.

Tom Chittick, emeritus professor and chair of the Department of Agriculture, retired this year, leaving a legacy of dedicated generosity behind him.

P. Gerard Damsteegt, associate professor of church history, Department of Church History, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, was born and raised in the Netherlands and encountered Jesus as an aeronautical engineer in the Dutch Air Force.

Bernard Helms, periodical/acquisitions librarian and assistant professor of library science, College of Arts & Sciences, has become a formidable connoisseur in acquiring materials for the James White Library, finding obscure artifacts and dealing with difficult suppliers.

Scott Moncrieff, professor of English, Department of English, College of Arts & Sciences, has been praised for his toughness, knowledge and unique spirit during his 25 years at Andrews University.

Ronald Norton, plumbing foreman, Office of Plant Services, began working at Andrews University in 1978 as the wastewater treatment plant operator and assistant plumber, and is known as an even-keeled person who isn’t flustered easily.

Jeff Trubey, assistant manager for the Office of Plant Services, also serves as the campus locksmith. He spends some of his spare time teaching classes in landscape equipment, welding and machine shop.

Front row, L–R: Jeff Trubey, Ron Norton; Back row, L–R: Tom Chittick, Bernard Helms, Scott Moncrieff, Gerard Damsteegt; Not pictured: Nancy Carbonell

Additionally, the evening recognized employees with 20, 15, 10, and 5 years of service to Andrews University.

Twenty Years of Service: Front Row: Arlene Saliba, Xiaoming Xu, Susan Oliver, Patricia Spangler, Mabel Bowen; Second Row:  Spencer Carter, Walter Bowen, Paul Ray, Tami Condon, Denis Fortin, Denise Collard; Not pictured: Kathleen Allen, Lilianne Doukhan

Fifteen Years of Service: First Row: Shelly Erhard, Karen Allen, Sharon Prest Ullom, Brad Christensen, Helen Susens, Cynthia Gammon, Roberto Rothermel, Jacquelyn Warwick; Second Row: Teresa Reeve, Timothy Nixon, Terrence Dodge, John Beal, Steve Sowder, Gary Burdick, John Matthews, Carlos Flores; Not pictured: Camille Clayton, Marilyn Craig, Betty Gibson, Fred Guerrero, Jiři Moskala, Tami Urias, Dennis Waite, Stephen Yeagley


Ten Years of Service: L–R: Martin Smith, Deborah Park, Cynthia Swanson, Jennifer Birney;
Not pictured: Harvey Burnett, Ronald Coffen, Helena Gregor, Heidi Labbe, Jillian Panigot, Evelyn Perez, Andrew von Maur, Kristin von Maur


Five Years of Service: First Row: Sonia Badenas, Leilani Langdon, Donald Cole, Olga Antonova, David Waller, Melanie Beaulieu, Carmen Pagan, Asta LaBianca, Jean Gustavsen, Lynette Quinones, Mary Ann Cuarto, Jacqueline Yates; Back Row: Debbie Michel, Chi Yong Yun, Victor Antonov, Dawn Mutz, Raymond Spoon, Erhard Gallos, John Schnepp, Donald Cole, Penny Sisson, Juan Alvarez, Silmara Ferreira, Stanley Patterson; Not pictured: Gregory Almeter, Audrey Castelbuono, George Chittick, Christopher Davisson, Ronald Graham, Jean Hakiza Gaparayi, Kenley Hall, Timothy R Keough, Aaron Moushon, Marcella Myers, Benjamin Panigot, Gillian Sanner, Joselito Santiago, Ana Tasi, Patrick Warner, Carole Woolford-Hunt, Kenneth Zehm

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