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Weekly TV Program Produced at Andrews

Date: December 21, 2007
Phone: 269-471-3162

Sabbath School U (University), a 30-minute, weekly television program broadcast around the world by the Hope Channel was produced at the Media Education Center (MEC) at Andrews University, Nov. 26-Dec. 2, 2007.

Sabbath School U involves a young, diverse panel of participants who respond interactively to questions posed by a moderator on the following week's adult Sabbath School lesson. The Sabbath School environment is enriched by these programs as they focus on the four basic principles of fellowship, outreach, Bible study and missions. Each program explores ways teachers and leaders can use these emphases to breathe new life into Sabbath School.

The outstanding talent pool combined with the television production facilities at Andrews University was a major factor in the General Conference Department of Sabbath School’s decision to select Andrews University as the production venue.

The program format included a host and four panelists. Adam Deibert, a recent graduate of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary hosted most of the programs. Anneke Valles and Duane Anglin, communication majors, hosted the remaining episodes. The fifty panelists were drawn from the student body and represented almost all departments of the university. At the beginning of each episode, panelists introduced themselves and stated their major field of study. Each episode concluded with the host informing viewers that the program was broadcast from the studios at Andrews University.

The production crew included one student from Ruth Murdoch Elementary School, several undergraduate and graduate students – mostly from the Department of Communication – and a number from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. The crew worked as video engineers, audio engineers, teleprompter operators, production assistants, floor managers and camera operators. Sabbath School U was directed by Patrice Jones, a graduate student in communication. Two episodes were directed by freshman Brian Fellows, an electronic journalism major.

Production of Sabbath School U gave our students an opportunity for a hands-on experience and provided a good understanding of the 'real world' in many categories of television production and electronic media. Although other production centers and Adventist universities have offered to produce Sabbath School U, Falvo Fowler, producer and assistant director at the GC Sabbath School Department is committed to partnering with Andrews to produce future programs. The next production date is tentatively set for Feb. 19, 2008, when the second and third quarters’ episodes will be recorded.

The Media Education Center was established by Melchizedek M. Ponniah, assistant professor of communication. Ponniah also produces Scriptural Pursuit, a weekly television and radio program broadcast around the world. The MEC seeks to provide real-world media production experience for Andrews University students. To this end, the MEC partners with International Learning Systems, Good News Television, the Department of Communication, the College of Technology and the Lake Union Conference.

The quality programming produced by the Media Education Center provides ample evidence of the exceptional caliber of education offered at Andrews University. Ultimately, it plays a vital role in inspiring and equipping today’s youth to fulfill the call to seek knowledge, affirm faith and change the world.

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