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Prison Ministry Theme of McElmurry

Date: September 18, 2007
Phone: 269-471-3214

Did you know that the annual cost of the American prison system is $60 billion? Or did you know that prisoners constitute the fastest growing population segment in the United States, now numbering 2.3 million?

The daunting state of the American prison system, and the opportunities for ministry which it presents, will be the focus of the 2007 McElmurry Ethics & Society Lectureship: "An Expensive Way to Make Bad People Worse? Or Pathway to a New Life?" The meetings will take place Oct. 11-13 in the Garber Auditorium of Chan Shun Hall.

Through the meetings, the Lectureship hopes to highlight the power of Divine grace to free prisoners from the attitudes and habits that enslave them; to support volunteer ministries which connect with prisoners and lead many to Christ, give support to their deprived families and facilitate reentry into society with a reduced rate of recidivism; to rejoice in the lives of prisoners renewed through fellowship with loving Christians; and to challenge Christians to share their love and fellowship with those whose lives have been devastated by crime and punishment.

Keynote speaker John Thompson, executive director of Kairos Prison Ministry International, will be joined on the speakers roster by Duane C. McBride, professor of sociology at Andrews University, as well as fellow prison ministry directors and a prison official.

The 2007 McElmurry Lectureship marks the resumption of the program, which was formerly in effect from 1998-2003.

The McElmurry Ethics and Society Lectureship is funded by the Leland R. McElmurry and Evelyn F. McElmurry Charitable Trust at Andrews University. All lectures are free and open to the public. For further information, contact, or call (269) 471-3214.

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