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Date: November 7, 2011

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, President Niels-Erik Andreasen met with faculty and staff in Newbold Auditorium to give his post-board briefing. This marked the first board briefing in the new Undergraduate Learning Center.

Andreasen shared that the board voted to affirm pursuing the establishment of a School of Health Professions. This new school would initially be comprised of five currently existing academic departments: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Nutrition & Wellness, Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology and Medical Laboratory Sciences. The establishment of this new school is targeted for the 2012–13 year. Budget assumptions have been put in place.

The board then voted to support the addition of three new programs: Documentary Film (Department of Art & Design, College of Technology), Building Construction Management (School of Architecture) and Interior Design (School of Architecture). The board also voted to close the Department of Engineering & Computer Science’s MS in Software Engineering, however, it will teach out existing students and will focus its attention on the undergraduate program.  The implementation of these changes is subject to standard campus processes.

Provost Andrea Luxton presented a short report to the board on outcome assessments, strategic planning and an update on the Griggs University integration and accreditation.

The audit sub-committee met with the board and reported on the University’s external auditors’ report, which came as a “clean opinion.” According to the committee, there was a great deal of praise from the auditors for the manner in which the financial statements were prepared. The internal auditor’s report was also reviewed.

The board looked at the beginnings of the 2012–13 budget, which will take effect on May 1, 2012. Enrollment is proposed to be budgeted at 97 percent of the previous year. Support from the General Conference is proposed to be a 2 percent increase and support from the North American Division (NAD), which gives the Seminary financial backing, is expected at 2+ percent. This proposed increase is tied to a salary increase for pastors; salaries in the NAD have been frozen for three years. The Lake Union anticipates a 1.5 percent increase, a number that is directly tied to tithing. The budget assumes an increase in food costs, benefits and employee wages. The budget discussion will resume at the March board meeting. Andreasen noted that if everything goes as planned the University would have a 3.5 percent budget gain.

The investment sub-committee authorized Andrews to draw up to 3 percent annually from the nearly $40 million endowment. These funds will be used for scholarships and endowed chairs.

A capital request was approved for the lease of equipment for use at LithoTech. This lease arrangement will save the University $80,000 a year.

In the financial report, Andreasen shared that so far this year the University is doing better than budget and last year, in part due to an increase in tuition income. The Andrews Dairy is also doing well because milk prices are up. Meanwhile, healthcare benefit costs are running ahead of budget.

In closing, President Andreasen shared some thoughts reported to the board from the President’s Council, which included a strong recommendation to develop the School of Health Professions. The council also encouraged the University to develop a proposal for University health and wellness initiatives for all students, faculty and staff that would include a new health and wellness facility.

A number of faculty and staff appointments, including a large number from the School of Distance Education, were also approved.

Faculty Appointments
College of Arts & Sciences
Lisa Ahlberg, associate professor of chemistry; Desiree Davis, associate professor of social work; Heather Ferguson, associate professor of speech pathology; Aileen Hyde, associate professor of medical laboratory science; Andrea Luxton, full professor of English; Mary Ngugi, assistant professor of nursing; Leslie Samuel, assistant professor of physical therapy; Joel Raveloharimisy, director of CIDP & assistant professor of behavioral science; Amanda Umlauf, instructor of mathematics & RESA; Abdias Vence, assistant professor of mathematics instruction

Proposed Promotion in Rank & Other Appointments, College of Arts & Sciences
Frank Brenda; adjunct faculty, International Development Program; Shandelle Henson, chair, Department of Mathematics; Andrea Luxton, full professor, Department of English; Darah Regal, chair, Department of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology; David Syme, adjunct faculty, International Development Program

College of Technology
Brooks Payne, assistant professor of aviation; Randall Robertson, associate professor of aviation flight/program director; Caleb Sigua, assistant professor of aviation flight

School of Education
Luana Greulich, associate professor & special education program coordinator; Bradly Hinman, assistant professor of educational & counseling psychology; Janet Ledesma, associate professor of leadership; Jeannie Montagano, associate professor of school psychology

School of Distance Education
Charles Tidwell, dean emeritus

School of Business Administration
Lucile Sabas, associate professor of economics

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
Luis Fernando Ortiz, director, Master of Divinity Program;

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary Promotion in Rank and Continuous Appointments
Gorden Doss, full professor, Department of World Mission; Paul Gregor, full professor, Department of Old Testament & Biblical Archaeology; Wagner Kuhn, full professor, Department of World Mission; Jerry Moon, full professor, Department of Church History; David Sedlacek, professor, Department of Discipleship & Religious Education/Department of Social Work

University Schools
Hector Flores, music instructor, Andrews Academy; Byron Graves, music instructor, Ruth Murdoch Elementary School; Randall Lonto, physical education instructor; Ruth Murdoch Elementary School

Staff appointments
Melissa Alexander, retail manager, Office of Dining Services; Lyn Bartlett, director of off-campus programs, School of Distance Education; Johannes Chitura, communication systems coordinator, Division of Enrollment Management; Robert Christensen, director of Asian division, School of Distance Education; Luis Cruz-Ortega, counseling psychologist, Counseling & Testing Center; Diana De Guzman, Griggs enrollment coordinator, School of Distance Education; Marietta Fowler, transitional Griggs associate director for graduate admissions, Griggs University; Carolina Gomez-Jones, assistant to the dean for finance/administration, School of Distance Education; Stacy Gusky, vice principal for grades K–12, Griggs International Academy; Robbin Hill-Bowers, enrollment counselor, School of Distance Education; David Iwasa, residence hall director, University Towers; Kathleen Iwasa, registrar K–12, Griggs International Academy; Ethan Jones, project manager, School of Distance Education; Boun Kammalavong, sous chef, Office of Dining Services; Gabriela Melgar, Griggs International Academy enrollment coordinator, School of Distance Education; Chelsea Nelson, student activities coordinator, Office of Student Activities & Athletics; Luis Ortiz, director MDiv Program/admissions, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary; Carmen Pagan, Banner support specialist, ITS; Sumeeta Raj, marketing manager for distance education, School of Distance Education; Stephen Rivers, associate director of off-campus programs, School of Distance Education; Mersha Rowley, advisor, Student Financial Services; Tibor Shelley, assistant director, Center for Youth Evangelism; John Turon, programmer/analyst, ITS; Seth Wiedemann, PC support specialist, ITS

Virginia Nachreiner, Andrews Academy, 31 years of service; Rachel Ntaganda, Office of Dining Services, 18 years of service; Harold Smith, Counseling & Testing Center, 6 years of service; Elizabeth Watson, Department of Social Work, 13 years of service; Carol Williams, Center for Adventist Research, 5 years of service

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