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Report from June Board Meeting

Date: June 21, 2013
Phone: 269-471-3348

An overview of the plans for the new Health & Wellness Center and governance issues were highlighted at President Niels-Erik Andreasen’s spring board briefing held on Monday, June 3, 2013.

The President’s Report consisted of a presentation of the campus master plan, entitled “A Campus for Health and Wellness.” The plan, designed by the urban design studio of the School of Architecture, Art & Design, envisions new buildings and campus planning meant to guide the University for the next 10 years. The board voted to accept the updated campus plan. The School of Architecture, Art & Design received a first-place award from the State of Michigan for their campus master plan.

The board voted, upon the recommendation of the President’s Council, to locate the Health & Wellness Center west of the Howard Performing Arts Center. Andreasen said, “I think it was a very important board meeting—it decided what the campus would look like the next ten years. This is constructive board action and decision, and I personally attach a great deal of importance to that.”

Larry Schalk, vice president for Financial Administration and chair of the Health & Wellness Center Site & Cost Committee, has contacted seven firms that plan campus facilities. Three were identified to come on campus and work with administration, and then one will be chosen to help design, locate and shape the footprint and elevation of the new facility.

In the Provost’s Report, Andrea Luxton summarized the response of the North Central Accreditation Association’s Higher Learning Commission to the focused site visit on March 11 and 12. She reported that the visit went well, and the Commission advised the board on one matter of governance.

After reading the University bylaws, a Commission member noted that the laws state that the board appoints the president and all other administrators and staff. The Commission member noted that this stated practice is not considered best practice, and “it’s not even our practice,” says Andreasen. Currently, the board appoints the president after a search process. The president then recommends the other officers of the University to the board for approval. Faculty and staff members are recommended to the provost from the deans and the board then confirms those names. The board put forward an action to authorize the administration to present wording for a revised bylaw at the next board meeting.

Larry Schalk gave a preliminary final report on operations for the current fiscal year, followed by a summary of the year-end state of operations as of April 30, 2013. Due to a number of factors, the University fell short of its $3 million projected gain, ending the year with $136,000. The primary reason was lower than budgeted summer 2012 and undergraduate enrollment tuition, higher than expected utility expenditures and under-production of some auxiliary operations. Andreasen noted that current trends are looking good. Summer 2013 enrollment numbers are higher than 2012, and the University’s investments are doing well in the financial markets.

Schalk also gave a preliminary report on the projected cost of the Health & Wellness Center, approximately $17–$18M, and what entities will be included in the new facility: Center for Health Promotions, Recreation Center and the Department of Public Health & Wellness. The current Johnson Gymnasium, Beaty Pool and Beaty Gym will also be remodeled. The president will continue to talk with the owners of the buildings surrounding the new Center—particularly the residents near PMC, Integrated Marketing & Communication, and Pioneer Memorial Church.

The board also approved a plan to refinance Timber Ridge Retirement Center, which is projected to save the University and retirement center roughly $75,000 per year, which will be split. They also approved a recommendation from the Investment Committee to allow 5% of the return on investment from the University’s long-term endowment funds to be paid out to student scholarships and endowed faculty chairs. The Investment Committee recommended that Unrestricted Funds be invested as 50% in equities and 50% in bonds and the board voted to approve this recommendation as well.

A presentation of insurance comparisons for aviation programs revealed that Andrews Airpark’s current coverage is far above any other comparable aviation program in the nation. The board made a recommendation that the General Conference Insurance Committee reduce insurance coverage for the Andrews Airpark from $50 million to $10 million, slated to save $50–$70,000 in premiums each year.

Each time the board convenes a special presentation is given for the purpose of board education. At the June meeting, Lowell Cooper, General Conference vice president, gave a talk regarding board independence and worldwide governance.

The board also voted the following new appointments and changes in rank/position.

Staff Appointments
Evan Cassimy, enrollment coordinator—LUC/NAD, Division of Enrollment Management; Kaylene Chadwick, transfer admissions coordinator, Division of Enrollment Management; Adam Fenner, director of Adventist Learning Community, School of Distance Education (externally funded by NAD); Caryl-Lynn Ferguson, alumni engagement coordinator, Office of Alumni Services; Mordekai Ongo, research integrity and compliance coordinator, Office of Research & Creative Scholarship; Samuel Villamizar, learning management systems coordinator, School of Distance Education; Alisa Williams, annual giving coordinator, Office of Development

Faculty Appointments
College of Arts & Sciences
Rachel Williams-Smith, chair/associate professor, Department of Communication

School of Business Administration
Elvie Sundalangi, instructor of accounting

School of Education
Enoc Lopez, instructor of leadership, Undergraduate Leadership Program; Nadia Nosworthy, assistant professor, Department of Graduate Psychology & Counseling; Tammy Overstreet, assistant professor, Department of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum

School of Health Professions
Caryn Pierce, assistant professor, Department of Physical Therapy

University Schools
Andrea Jakobsens, religion instructor, Andrews Academy; Jeannie Leiterman, vice principal, Andrews Academy

Change in Position
Jacqueline Spencer, international financial advisor, Office of Student Financial Services

Promotion in Rank
College of Arts & Sciences
Vanessa Corredera, assistant professor, Department of Communication; Lilianne Doukhan, chair, Department of Music; Lionel Matthews, professor emeritus, Department of Behavioral Sciences; Marcella Myers, chair, Department of History & Political Science; Shelly Perry, associate professor emerita, Department of Social Work

School of Architecture, Art & Design
Marc Ullom, associate professor, Department of Visual Art & Design

School of Education
Christon Arthur, professor, Department of Leadership

School of Health Professions
John Carlos Jr., professor emeritus, Department of Physical Therapy; Wayne Perry, professor emeritus, Department of Physical Therapy

Alan Anderson, 43 years of service, Andrews Academy; Dianne Barnum, 21.42 years of service, Office of Alumni Services; John Carlos Jr., 19 years of service, Department of Physical Therapy; Annetta Gibson, 28 years of service, School of Business Administration; Cheryl Jetter, 19.25 years of service, Off-Campus Programs; Lionel Matthews, 18 years of service, Department of Behavioral Sciences; Mary Mun, 28 years of service, Office of Dining Services; James J. North Jr., 30.5 years of service, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary; Shelley Perry, 17 years of service, Department of Social Work; Wayne Perry, 19 years of service, Department of Physical Therapy; Jeanette L. Robinson, 31.33 years of service, Office of Financial Records

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