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EDRM611: Applied Statistics

Homework for Statistics Lesson 6

Answer Completely.
Some calculations are required.
Due Wed., July 20, 2005, 10:30:00.000, EDT.
Due on the teacher's desk in BH114.
  1. (2 points) Calculate the regression coefficient (slope) and regression constant (intercept) for the data set in lesson 5 with x the total test scores and y the page 1 test scores, clearly using the formulae from the notes.






  2. (2 points) Calculate the regression equation for the data set in homework 5 with x the page 4 test scores and y the total test scores, clearly using Hinkle formulae 6.2 and 6.3. For ease in reference, the various sums are as follows: x = 127; y = 762; xy = 11954; and x2 = 2264.






  3. (2 points) Assume someone wanted to challenge the class and page 4 was used as part of an exam for this determination. Assume further that this student obtained a score of 9 on this page. Use the regression formula calculated in the problem above and predict the corresponding total score for test 1.






  4. (2 points) Using Hinkle formula 6.6 calculate a standard score for the predicted score above using the standard score for 9. You will first have to calculate a z-score for 9 using the mean of 14.1 and standard deviation of 7.72. r = .930.






  5. (2 points) Calculate the standard error of estimate for the homework 5 data using both Hinkle equation 6.11 and 6.12. How large is the error caused by omitting the small sample correction factor?






  6. (2 bonus points) Find 10 words (minimum length of 4) using only the letters from the word homoscedasticity.