An Introduction to Statistics

Table of Contents

Lesson Lecture Title (shortened) Homework Odd Solutions Activity
-1Title page Rubrics: Proj., Paper Syllabus: working links cartoon ok Hinkle Errata
1Definitions, Uses, Levels of Data Measurement Homework 1 Solution ST1 Q1
2Organizing and Presenting Data Homework 2 Solution ST2 A2
3Describing Distributions Homework 3 Solution ST3 Calculator MMMM
4The Binomial and Normal Distributions Homework 4 Solution ST4 A4, pretest
5Measuring Correlation Homework 5 Solution ST5 Quiz 5
6Linear Regression Homework 6 Solution ST6 A6
7Probability and Sampling/Distributions Homework 7A, 7B Solution ST7 Sbox,boxsum
8Hypothesis Testing Homework 8 Solution ST8 Matchless Qz
9Confidence Intervals/Margin of Error Homework 9 Solution ST9 Q9
10HT: 2 Sample Means Homework 10 Solution ST10 Qz
11Power and Sample Size Homework 11 Solution ST11 Qz
12Testing/Using Linear Regression Homework 12 Solution ST12 Qz
13More Correlation Coefficients Homework 13 Solution ST13 Qz
14The Chi Square Frequency Test Homework 14 Solution ST14 Qz
15More Nonparametrics Homework 15 Solution ST15 Qz

When preparing your booklet for stapling, please check that you have all handouts and arrange them in the order above left to right, then top to bottom. Grayed out and blacked out entries probably don't exist. Activities often are not available to the public. This material was expanded from my Intro. to Stats. and Prob. and Dist.

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