Madaba Plains Project
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M.C.K. Mattingly, Pottery Registrar

Disclaimer: This is not an official MPP-Hisban site. It is my personal collection of important Hisban related data. While it is arranged for my convenience only, you are very welcome to use any and all of this data for your own work and to ask for assistance in doing so..

Locus sheets (scans of originals, in pdf format readable with Acrobat Reader)


Database (in MS Access format - you must have Microsoft Access installed on your computer)

CDROM copy (sent by mail): Instructions for removing Read-only protection so you can make your own queries and reports.

WEB copy (below): No special instructions needed. Simply download and run.

Version Distribution date
Not included
  • all loci sheets
  • objects
  • pottery for square N1


Registries (registration numbers, distinctive features, ownership, location, destinations, cross references; last updated July 2001, in MS Access format)

Pottery, Artifacts, Objects








DOWNLOADING: You will want to download files and then use them with your own applications rather than opening them over the web. Most are LARGE files and could bog down unless you copy them over to your system first.To download a file to your own computer, press your shift key while you click on the link itself, then follow the prompts to specify where you want the file put in your computer.

PDF FILES: To view pdf files, you must use Acrobat Reader or equivalent. This is a free program available from

ACCESS FILES: The databases are in Microsoft ACCESS. You must have this installed on your own computer. Then you must make your own copy of the file here before your can run the database. Make sure you know what version you are using. If you make changes in the database, make sure you send them in so the master can be updated.

PHOTOS: The photo files are in jpg format which can be read by most word processors and browsers.