International Agriculture Development

Did you know that in 2010 there were 925 million hungry people in the world? That is about 13% of the earth’s population. Poor nutrition plays a role in about 5 million child deaths per year. Although the world produces enough food to feed everyone, the poor often lack access to land and water to grow food, or income to purchase it.

The Department of Agriculture’s International Agriculture Development degree provides students with hands-on training in agriculture and animal science, foundational courses in international development and public policy, and international experience through study tours and internships. Graduates will be prepared to work in government, the private sector or non-profit organizations, such as ADRA.  Graduates will also be eligible to complete an MA in Community and International Development at Andrews University in only one additional year. For more information, contact the Department of Agriculture at agri@andrews.eduor call ext. 6006.

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