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Syllabi for Fall 2014:

Worldviews, Cultures, and Gods  HIST 110  John Markovic
History of humanity and ideas since the ancient times up to the present.

Civilizations and Ideas I  HIST 117  Brian Strayer
Survey of the major world civilizations to 1700.

American Experience I  HIST 204  Stephanie Carpenter
American history from Columbus through the Civil War.

Research Seminar  HIST 290  Stephanie Carpenter
Introduction to historical research.

History of the Christian Church I  HIST 316  John Markovic
Traces the history of Christianity from Christ to the Reformation.

World Wars and Postmodern Age  HIST 427  John Markovic
Addresses major social, ideological, economic, and political events and developments since the Great War.

Emergence of Modern America  HIST 459  Stephanie Carpenter
American history from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of WWII.

Introduction to Philosophy  PHIL224  Gary Wood
Introduction to basic philosophical issues, such as faith/reason and free will.

American Government  PLSC 104  Gary Wood
A study of American national political institutions.

Individual, State and Marketplace  PLSC 237  Marcella Myers
How public Policies affect people, nations and economics.

American Political Parties and Elections   PLSC 324  Marcella Myers
Examines the relationship between parties and the citizens they represent and the lawmakers they seek to influence.

American Foreign Relations  PLSC 365  Gary Wood
Study of American diplomacy to the present.

Political Extremism   PLSC 419  Marcella Myers
Examines the varieties of political extremism in party politics, radicalized religion, revolutions, and terrorism.

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