About the Andrews University Faculty Senate

The Andrews University Working Policy, section 1:601:1 describes the AU Senate as follows.

As a broad-based, representative body of university faculty, staff; and administrators; the Andrews University Senate is the forum in which all major issues of general concern are addressed and in which all changes affecting the university as a whole are deliberated before implementation. The work of the Senate is to advance the mission of the university by ensuring that these matters have been adequately analyzed and discussed, and that subsequent decisions have received general support. Through the Senate Chair‘s membership on the President‘s Cabinet and observer status on the Board of Trustees, the Senate has access to all reports and recommendations of any committee (standing, ad hoc, or otherwise) that deal with matters of university-wide impact. The Senate holds the prerogative to initiate discussion of these matters or of any similar or related issues that come to the attention of its constituency by any other means (See Appendix 1-F). After thorough review at regular, duly-called Senate meetings, the Senate‘s voted, non-binding recommendations are sent simultaneously to (1) the chair of the committee involved, (2) the vice-president to which the committee reports, and (3) the university president. 

Note: The reader is referred to Figure 1-10 for an organizational chart that reflects the major relationships of the University Senate.

The AU Senate bylaws are in the AU Working Policy Appendix 1-F.

AU Faculty Senate Standing Committees

AU Faculty Senate Steering Committee

Chair, Marcella Myers
Vice-Chair, Janine Lim
Secretary- Janet Ledesma
Parliamentarian- James Lim
Senate Steering Committee: Janine Lim
Faculty Standing committee chairman: Nick Miller

Staff Standing committee chairman: Aaron Moushon


On October 1, 2007, the AU Senate established two standing committees under it's bylaws. The Faculty Standing committee is composed of the faculty members, and the Staff Standing committee is composed of the staff members of the AU Senate. The chairs and secretaries of these standing committees fill the remaining seats of the AU Senate Steering committee that are not prescribed by the bylaws. These committees establish their own agenda and choose their leadership. They keep publicly available minutes and forward actions to the AU Senate through the AU Senate Steering committee for consideration by the full body.

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