New Principal

February 12, 2016

This morning Andrews Academy’s board chair shared an important announcement with Andrews Academy students and faculty during chapel this morning: 

Dear Students, Faculty, Parents and Friends of Andrews Academy, 

It is with great pleasure that the Andrews Academy Board announces that it has voted to ask Jeannie Leiterman to serve as Principal.  Mrs. Leiterman has been serving as Interim Principal and all who have worked with her have come to appreciate her competence, her dedication and energy, and her loving, team-building leadership style.  I trust that all of the Andrews Academy community will support Mrs. Leiterman with our words, deeds and prayers. 

Alayne Thorpe, Andrews Academy Board Chair  

Students and faculty erupted into clapping and cheering after hearing of this good news.  Please continue to pray for Principal Leiterman as she serves Andrews Academy.