Kanya Long: Publications

Refereed Papers

  1. Reiner RC Jr, Stoddard ST, Forshey BM, King AA, Ellis AM, Lloyd AL, Long KC, Rocha C, Vilcarromero S, Astete H, Bazan I, Lenhart A, Vazquez-Prokopec GM, Paz-Soldan VA, McCall PJ, Kitron U, Elder JP, Halsey ES, Morrison AC, Kochel TJ and Scott TW (2014). Time-varying, serotype-specific force of infection of dengue virus. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. May 20. pii: 201314933.
  2. Juarez D, Long KC, Aguilar PV, Kochel T and Halsey ES (2013).  Assessment of plaque assay methods for alphaviruses, J Virol Methods 187, 185-189.
  3. Castillo Oré RM, Forshey BM, Huaman A, Villaran M, Long KC, Kochel TJ, Guevara C, Montgomery J, Alvarez CA, Vilcarromero S, Morrison AC and Halsey ES (2012).  Serologic evidence for human hantavirus infection in Peru, Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis 12(8), 683-89.
  4. Long KC, Ziegler SA, Thangamani S, Hausser NL, Kochel TJ, Higgs S and Tesh RB (2011). Experimental transmission of Mayaro virus by Aedes aegypti, Am J Trop Med Hyg 85(4), 750-757.
  5. Cummings D, Moss WJ, Long K, Muluh TJ, Kollo B, Nomo E, Wolfe ND and Burke DS (2005).  Improved measles surveillance in Cameroon reveals two major dynamic patterns of incidence.  Int J Inf Dis 10(2): 148-155.
  6. Waters H, Dougherty L, Tegang S, Tran N, Wiysonge C, Long K, Wolfe N and Burke D (2004).  The coverage and costs of childhood immunizations in Cameroon.  Bull of the WHO  82: 668-675.  
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