Career Opportunities

The study of history and political science opens the way for careers in almost any field. For example, the National Park Service, the CIA/FBI, and the House of Representatives employ historians and political scientists at various levels. Careers are open as city managers, editors, government consultants, and analysts in fields ranging from mineral mining to archaeology or international finance.

In business, banking and investment companies need financial and risk analysts. Communication media such as television and film companies require research, script writing, and consultation. Mineral extraction industries depend on analyses of political and legal situations, land-use histories, and mineral claims research.

Non-profit organizations such as historical societies and associations, both public and private, produce publications that require research, and organize activities based on knowledge of the past. Museums employ personnel in the areas of administration, preservation, research, interpretation and display. Philanthropic organizations require policy analysis and program and proposal reviews.

The field in which one chooses to work is the primary determinant of income potential. Job outlook for liberal arts graduates is improving as more and more CEOs are discovering the value of a broad education. One group of 30 Hi-Tech CEOs recently stated: "A liberal arts and science education nurtures skills and talents increasingly valued by modern corporations. Our companies function in a state of constant flux. To prosper we need creative thinkers at all levels of the enterprise who are comfortable dealing with decisions in the bigger context. They must be able to communicate-to reason, create, write and speak-for shared purposes. . . They provide leadership."   (

Political Science Careers

Political Science is the study of civics, the workings of government and law.  Courses within this discipline include political thought and change, governance at the local and national levels, as well as studies in international and comparative politics.

Studies in Political Science are intended to prepare students for law school, careers as political campaign staff, pollsters, council members of local government, legislators for state and national government, and lobbyists, policymakers and advisors at all levels of government.

For those with an eye on the international scene, political science studies opens doors to work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the Peace Corps, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and employment as embassy diplomats.

Additionally, political science graduates are to be found in high school and university teaching positions, working as journalists, think-tank analysts, and legal investigators.

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