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Graduate Certificate in

Organizational Leadership

15 credits


To qualify for a graduate level certificate, prospective students must already hold a terminal undergraduate degree (a bachelor’s degree). The purpose of a graduate certificate is to provide specialized knowledge within a certain emphasis. The certificate involves less cost and requirements than a master’s degree. The certificate program represents a focused collection of courses (15 credits) and when completed affords the student a record of academic accomplishment at the graduate level in organizational leadership.


Required courses – 6  credits

Development Theory and Practice CIDS520 (3)

Strategic Planning in Global Leadership IDAS620 (3)


Elective courses – 9 credits

Choose from the following courses:

Communication in Development Practice COMM540 (2)

Conflict Management CHMN526 (3)

Cultural and Development Anthropology ANTH517 (2)

Applied Statistical Methods IDAS613 (2)

Development Research Methods IDAS623 (2)

Ethics in Development IDAS610 (2)

Financial Analysis and Reporting ACCT625 (3)

Leadership & Management of
        Not-for-profit Organizations BSAD530 (3)

Organizational Behavior & Leadership BSAD515 (3)

Program Design and Evaluation IDAS630 (3)

Public Policy, Civil Society and Development PLSC525 (2)





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