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IDP Publications

Student Handbook 2014    (Español 2014)    (Francais 2014)
History of the program, admission standards, finance details, and more — these are what you will find in the IDP Student Handbook.

IDP Style and Formatting Guidelines 2014    (Español 2014)    (Francais 2014)
The style and formatting rules found in this document are to be used for all IDP coursework including the Focus requirements and the final Research Project.

Sample Research Proposal
This is a sample document showing the IDP Style and Formatting Guidelines in use. It was prepared to match the 2014 edition.

Focus Area Syllabi 2014    (Francais 2014)    (Español (OL) 2013)
The Focus Area (Concentration) Courses for the International Development Program are largely completed in a directed study format with input and guidance from the student's Research Mentor and Concentration (Focus) Advisor. The Focus Area Syllabi provide the details of how this work is to be accomplished.

IDP Human Subjects Research 2014    (Español 2014)    (Francais 2014)
This document briefly explains the process for IDP students to apply for permission to conduct research through the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Andrews University.

IDP Project Based Research Guidelines 2014    (Español 2014)    (Francais 2014)
Project-based research involves the design of a project in which the design of that project constitutes the primary creative scholarly effort. These guidelines explain how to complete the research project report of such an effort.


IRB Training





Andrews University Research Resources

James White LibraryJames White Library Off-Campus
The James White Library, located on the Andrews University campus, has a wealth of online resources which are also available to off-campus students. To access these resources, you must have an Andrews University Username and Password. If you do not have these, please contact us.

Office of Research & Creative Scholarship
Located on the campus of Andrews University, the Office of Research & CreativeScholarship provides the guidelines and application forms for all Human Subjects Research conducted by either students or faculty of the University.

IRB (Institutional Review Board) Forms
Required IRB forms including the application form and the final report form can be found here.







In order to access your grades, you must have an Andrews University Username and Password. If you are a current student and do not have a username and password or have misplaced it, please let us know .

With your username and password, you can access your grades at...



Final Grades from previous sessions are available through this secure Student Records website.

  1. Select "My Account" in the far left hand column.
  2. Enter your Username and Password and click "Login".
  3. Select "Banner Web" from the far left hand column.
  4. Click on the following phrases: "Student Services", "Student Records", and "Academic Transcript".
  5. Select the appropriate level and type from the dropdown boxes.
  6. Click the "Submit" button.




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