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Human Research Protection Training


PHRP Training Material



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As a university community of scholars, our research and scholarship must be conducted and shared with integrity and in compliance with federal and state regulations. The Office of Research promotes research integrity, compliance, and quality research within the university community. This is achieved partly through investigator training in human subjects research,  and research involving animal use and care. 


Ethics Training


Office of Human Research Protection offers comprehensive training on human research protections based on the requirements of the revised common Rule (or 2018 Requirements)


At Andrews University we use the OHRP training in the fulfillment of the compliance requirement. There are five modules that you will need to complete.  After completing the training, submit your five certificates to 


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All applications to the Andrews University Institutional Review Board (IRB) require the National Institute of Health (NIH) training certificate. The Principal Investigator and co-investigators listed on the IRB application are required to submit their ethics training certificates of completion. For applications submitted by student researchers, a certificate of completion for the faculty research advisor should be included.


Como comunidad universitaria de académicos, es importante que nuestras investigaciones y becas se realicen y compartan con integridad y en cumplimiento con la ética en la investigación. La Oficina de Investigación promueve la integridad de la investigación, el cumplimiento y la investigación de calidad dentro de la comunidad universitaria. Esto se logra en parte a través de investigadores en investigacion de sujestos humanos, y la investigacion que involucra el uso y cuidado de animales.


Entrenamiento de NIH


La Universidad Andrews ha adoptado con permiso para cumplir con sus requisitos de capacitación, los materiales de capacitación de la Oficina de Investigación Extramural del Instituto Nacional de Salud (NIH). Como parte de su entrenamiento, debe leer los materiales antes de tomar el examen.


Póngase en contacto con  para registrarse para realizar el examen.


Después de registrarse, podrá iniciar sesión en el centro de aprendizaje para realizar la prueba.


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Al finalizar la capacitación, la Oficina IRB de la AU le enviará su certificado.


Todas las solicitudes a la Junta de Revisión Institucional (IRB) de la Universidad Andrews requieren el certificado de capacitación del Instituto Nacional de Salud (NIH). El Investigador Principal y los co-investigadores enumerados en la solicitud del IRB deben enviar sus certificados de finalización de NIH. Para las solicitudes enviadas por los estudiantes investigadores, se debe incluir un certificado de finalización para el asesor de investigación de la facultad.


EPTC 2  


Les demandes d'approbation de la Andrews University examen institutionnel du Canada (CISR) nécessitent l'inclusion des certificats d'achèvement dans le cadre de la recherche sur l'éthique de formation. Principal et co-investigateur(s) répertoriés sur la cadre de la recherche sur l'éthique la formation.


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Andrews University Office of Research & Creative Scholarship requirement of all Honors students involved in thesis research as well as all students and faculty involved in internally or externally funded research at Andrews University must complete training in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). The education includes (i) on-line training modules adopted from University of Washington, and (ii) in-person education by AU-IRB involving discussions and case studies.  The in-person education conducted by the IRB personnel allow question/issues/concerns that may been raised while completing the on-line training to be addressed and they reinforce important points introduced.  Collectively the on-line and in-person education serve to create a culture of responsible conduct and fulfill the face-to-face hours and content required for funding agencies.

To take the on-line training, submit your name, AU ID number and a relible email address to so that we can process your registration for the training.  We encourage you to start the process early. 

(The credit for the Responsible Conduct of Research work is:  Originally develeloped by the Cener for Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research (CMDITR) NSF Grant DMR 0120967 and then maintained by Clean Energy Institute (CEI) and the Molecular Engineering Materials Center (MEM-C) DMR-1719797 at the University of Washington).



These videos cover a variety of topics.  We strongly encourage researchers to watch these optional trainings.