Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IRB?
The Institutional Review Board or the IRB for short was instituted to protect the welfare of human subjects recruited to participate in research and to ensure that such research is performed under ethical standards with the highest level of integrity and expertise. More

How often does the Andrews University IRB meet?
The Board convenes on the second Tuesday of every month, except for holidays, to review proposals that fall under the "full review" category. More

Can I apply for retroactive approval for a research project already?

How do I begin the process with the AU IRB?
Fill out and submit an application via irb@andrews.eduMore

Is there a particular format to submit proposals to the IRB?
Yes. Proposals must be tailored after the format outlined in the IRB application. More

How many levels of proposal reviews are recognized by the AU IRB?
Exempt, Expedited and Full. Applicants are advised to submit a proposal at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled IRB meeting if he or she suspects that their study may fall under full review. Review the published AU guidelines for more information. More

How long is my IRB approval valid for conducting a given research project?
One year from the date of approval.

What must I do if my study is not completed within 12 months from the date of my approval?
Request an extension before your approval notice expires by filling out the "Continue Review" application found on the website. The request must be received at least 2 weeks before end date.

How does the AU IRB work for me?
The IRB provides awareness and seeks to safeguard individuals involved in research from potential risk.

What should I do if I need to make changes to my study after an approval is granted?
A letter should be submitted to the IRB with the name of researcher, title of research, protocol # assigned and the intended change(s) to be made.

Can I get approval for a study that has started or been completed prior to turning in an application to the IRB?
No. Applications must be submitted and approved by the IRB before any research can begin.