IRB Application Process

Any Andrews University investigator planning a research study involving human subjects must submit an application for IRB review and approval or determination of exemption before initiating any interaction with subjects or their identifiable data.  This is also applicable to all external investigators intending to collect data from AU students, faculty and staff.

Initial IRB Application (New Study)


Download, save, complete, and email the IRB application to  It’s created to gather all the information and materials necessary for the IRB, along with applicable research review, to evaluate and approve the research in compliance with the federal, state and AU policies.   


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 Application Form

Formulaire de demande


Formulário de Aplicação


Proposal approval by research advisor is required for all student projects.  An email from the advisor to irb@ indicating that the advisor has reviewed and approved the IRB application for submission sufficiently satisfies the requirement.  Incomplete applications without the advisor’s approval will not be processed.

Submit the application form along with required attachments to  Sample is included for your perusal.  A complete application should include the following: 


Sample Documents



1.  A completed Application Form



2.  Research Protocol


See Guidelines

3.  Informed Consent Form/Assent (As applicable )


Regular   Online    Assent

4.  Data Collection Instrument(s)



5.  Recruitment Documents



6.  IRB Approval or Institutional Consent Letter ICL


Sample ICL

7.  Ethical Training (NIH, RCR)






Checklist for IRB Submission and Classification



  IRB Presentation Download


Be sure to follow the IRB application guidelines.