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IDP Professors

Andrews Faculty


Skip Bell, PhD
Conflict Management

José Goris, PhD
Organizational Behavior & Leadership

Tevni Grajales, PhD
Applied Statistical Methods
Development Research Methods

Øystein LaBianca, PhD
Cultural & Development Anthropology

Marcella Myers, PhD
Public Policy, Civil Society & Development


Adjunct Faculty


Frank Brenda, MSA
Program Design and Evaluation
Program Planning and Grantwriting

Lezlie Moriniere, MPH, PhD
Needs Assessment & Capacity Mapping

Dixil Rodriguez, PhD
Communication in Development Practice


Focus Area Advisors


Romulus Chelbegean, PhD
Ghana OL

Lilianne Doukhan, PhD
Ghana French

Dawn Dulhunty, MSA, PhD (abd)
First Year Students (English)

Tevni Grajales, PhD

Herbert Helm, PhD

Darius Jankiewicz, PhD
South Africa

Patricia Mutch, PhD

Marcella Myers, PhD
Ghana English

Lucile Sabas, PhD
Rwanda French

David Steen, PhD
Rwanda English





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