Math 165/166 Collge Algebra (College Algebra for Business)

Spring 2016

  • Daily Assignment & Schedule of Exams: Show all your work to get proper credit!
    Semester Schedule It is subject to change!
    Hw0: 1-page essay on "why do YOU need mathematics?" due: Wed, Jan 6
    Hw1: (sec 1.1) #4,6,8,12,16,20,37 thru 40,53,56 & (sec 1.2) #16,18,20,22,32,36,40,42,44,48,54 (sec 1.3) #9,12,18,22,24,38,44,46,50,53,60 Due: Mon, Jan 11

    Here is the copy of chapter 1 of the textbook!
    Exam 1 will be given on Fri, Jan 15 in class based upon Chapter 1: Sec 1.1 thru 1.7.
    Hw2: (sec 1.4) #8,14,16,18,22,26,32,34,46,52,60,74,83(b),(c) (sec 1.5) #4,10,16,34,40,46,54,58,64 (sec 1.6) #2,4,6,22,26,30,54 Due: Wed, Jan 13
    Hw3: (sec 1.7) #10,12,16,18,24,28,30,42,46,56,58,62,68,70,76,80 & Review 1 are due on Fri, Jan 15
    Hw4: (sec 2.1) #2,4,8,14,18,22,24,28,30,34,36,38,42,58 Due: Mon, Jan 25
    There will be an extra quiz on exam 1 on Jan 27, Wed. Please check your mistakes carefully.
    Classes will start at 9am next week for Week of Prayers.
    Hw5: (sec 2.2) #2,6,10,12,16,20,22,24,30,36,38,40,44,46 Due: Fri, Jan 29
    Quiz on sec 2.2 will be given on Mon, Feb 1. (one problem will be from texbook and another one will be from Hw5!)
    Hw6: (sec 2.3) #2,4,8,10,14,18,20,24,26,30,40,43,50,52,54,56,68,72,78,84,86,88,90 Please read example 16 in page 121 for problem 90 Due: Fri, Feb 5
    If you have "Redo" on your quiz4, I recommedn you to come to math center to retake the quiz4 today or tomorrow. Math center(next door) opens between 4 to 7 Mon thu Thu. Pts will stay if you don't take it there.
    Hw7: (sec 2.4) #2,6,14,16,18,20,26 Due: Wed, Feb 10

    Exam 2 will be given on Wed, Feb 17 in class based upon Chapter 2: Sec 2.1 thru 2.6.

    Hw8: (sec 2.5) #20,30,34,36,38,42,48,56,62,70,76,78,84,102 Due: Fri, Feb 12
    Hw9: (sec 2.6) #2,4,8,12,13,20,23,26,28,31 & Review 2 are due on Wed, Feb 17.

    Math Center Hours: 4:00pm-7:00pm(Mon-Thu) Don't need any appointment! Please go there often for help!

  • The following is the review for the test.
    Review1, Key to Review1,
    Review2, Key to Review2,
    Review3, Key to Review3,
    Review for Final, Key to Review for Final,

    The below is the extra set of practice problems for those who like to do more!
  • Supplementary Problems for chapter 1, Supplementary Problems for chapter 2, Supplementary Problems for chapter 3, Supplementary Problems for chapter 4
    Supplementary Problems for chapter 5 Supplementary Problems for chapter 6 Supplementary Problems for chapter 7

  • Department of Mathematics / Andrews University / Berrien Springs, MI 49104 USA