Math 165/166 Collge Algebra (College Algebra for Business)

Fall 2017

  • Daily Assignment & Schedule of Exams: Show all your work to get proper credit!
    Homework Assignment & Schedule of Exams It is subject to change!
    Hw0 due: Wed, Aug 30
    Here is the copy of chapter 1 of the textbook!
    Pretest Key to pretest
    Hw1: (sec 1.1) #4,6,8,12,16,20,37 thru 40,53,56 & (sec 1.2) #16,18,20,22,32,36,40,42,44,48,54 (sec 1.3) #9,12,18,22,24,38,44,46,50,53,60 Due: Fri, Aug 30
    Hw2: (sec 1.4) #8,14,16,18,22,26,32,34,46,52,60,74,83(b),(c) (sec 1.5) #4,10,16,34,40,46,54,58,64 (sec 1.6) #2,4,6,22,26,30,54 Due: Wed, Sept 6
    Hw3: (sec 1.7) #10,12,16,18,24,28,30,42,46,56,58,62,68,70,76,80 & Review 1 are due on Fri, Sept 8
    Exam 1 will be given on Fri, Sept 8 in class based upon Chapter 1: Sec 1.1 thru 1.7.
    WebWork site login: last name (all in small letters), Password: AU Id number
    WebWork hw 1 is due on Wednesday, Sept 13 by 10:20am.
    Hw4: (sec 2.1) #2,4,8,14,18,22,24,28,30,34,36,38,42,58 Due: Fri, Sept 15
    Notebook will be collected on Wed, Sept 20. Please follow the instruction very carefully!
    Class time change for the Week of Prayer: 9:50-10:30 next week
    Hw5: (sec 2.2) #2,6,10,12,16,20,22,24,30,36,38,40,44,46 Due: Wed, Sept 20
    WebWork hw 2 is due on Friday, Sept 22 by 9:40am.
    Hw6: (sec 2.3) #2,4,8,10,14,18,20,24,26,30,40,43,50,52,54,56,68,72,78,84,86,88,90 Please read example 16 in page 121 for problem 90 Due: Wed, Sept 27
    Hw7: (sec 2.4) #2,6,14,16,18,20,26 Due: Fri, Sept 29
    Exam 2 will be given on Fri, Oct 6 in class based upon Chapter 2: Sec 2.1 thru 2.6.
    WebWork hw 3 is due on Tuesday, Oct 3 by 12:25pm.
    Hw8: (sec 2.5) #20,30,34,36,38,42,48,56,62,70,76,78,84,102 Due: Wed, Oct 4
    Review session will be given at 5pm on Thu, Oct 5 in our classroom.
    Hw9: (sec 2.6) #2,4,8,12,13,20,23,26,28,31 & Review 2 are due on Fri, Oct 6.
    WebWork hw 4 is due on Wed, Oct 11 by 10:20am.
    Notebook will be collected on Mon, Oct 16. Please follow the instruction very carefully!
    Hw10: (sec 3.1) #2,4,6,12,14,20,22,24,30,32,34,36 Due: Wed, Oct 18.
    Hw11: (sec 3.2) #2,4,6,14,16,18,20,23,28,32,34,42,44,46 Due: Fri, Oct 20.
    Hw12: (sec 3.3) #2,4,8,10,12,20,30,32,34,42,44 No graphic calculator is needed for this HW and don't worry about WINDOWS in the HW. Due: Mon, Oct 23.
    If you need some extra help on transformations, you may watch the video lecture from Khan academy math: shifts
    Exam 3 will be given on Mon, Oct 30(changed!)in class based upon Chapter 3: Sec 3.1 thru 3.5(only composition function)
    WebWork hw 5 is due on Wed, Oct 25 by 10:20am.
    Only problems in { } will be collected and graded from now on. However, I strongly recommend you to do all of the problems for your learning!
    Hw13: (sec 3.4) #2,{4,6},10,12,{16,18,30,36},40,{44,46},48,{52},60,{62}(no graphing calculator needed for 60 & 62) Due: Fri, Oct 27
    Review session will be given at 2pm on Sun, Oct 29 in our classroom.
    Review 3 is due on Monday, Oct 30.
    WebWork hw 6 is due on Wed, Nov 1 by 10:20am.
    Hw14: (sec 3.5) #4,8,{14,16,18},20,21,{26},28,{32},36,{40},46,{52},53,{67},68 Due: Mon, Nov 6
    Hw15: (sec 4.1) #{2,5},8,{12},16,{20(no graphic calculator is needed!},24,40,{44,46,49,50,54} Due: Fri, Nov 10 (extended!)
    Notebook will be collected on Fri, Nov 10. No credits will be awarded if no test correction has been made!
    Hw16: (sec 4.3) #2,{4,8,10},12,{16,20} Due: Mon, Nov 13
    Hw17: (sec 4.4) #{2,4},6,8,10,{14,16},20,22,{24,34,36} with wk 13 #1 & #2 Due: Wed, Nov 15
    Exam 4 will be given on Wed, Nov 29 class based upon sec 3.5(part), 4.1,4.3-4.4, 6.2-6.4
    Hw18: (Sec 6.2) #{4},5,{9},11,{26,30,40,50},56,{59},66 Due: Mon, Nov 20
    Hw19: (sec 6.3) #{4},6,{10},16,{22,24},30,36,{38,40},52,{60},64,68,{76,90,92} Due: Mon, Nov 27

    Math Center Hours: 4:00pm-7:00pm(Mon-Thu) Don't need any appointment! Please go there often for help!

  • The following is the review for the test.
    Review1, Key to Review1,
    Review2, Key to Review2,
    Review3, Key to Review3,
    Review4, Key to review 4 is in the review already.
    Review for Final, Key to Review for Final,

    The below is the extra set of practice problems for those who like to do more!
  • Supplementary Problems for chapter 1, Supplementary Problems for chapter 2, Supplementary Problems for chapter 3, Supplementary Problems for chapter 4
    Supplementary Problems for chapter 5 Supplementary Problems for chapter 6 Supplementary Problems for chapter 7