Academic Bulletin 2014-2015

The Academic Bulletin is a quintessential piece of a students scholastic career. Included in the Bulletin is information regarding classes pertaining to the academic year, programs, courses,  lab fees, course fees, and department information.


You will find information regarding all of the different Degrees we offer here at the Department of Aviation below. From an Associates to a Bachelors, Minors to general Federal Aviation Administration Certifications, you can achieve your dreams with us. 

Click on a link below and explore all of the different classes you can take. Along with this feature, you can read a short description of the classes you would like to take to see if they'll be a match for you.  

Undergraduate Minors



Offering the most current and up to date information regarding charges and fees for the Department of Aviation, these charges tell  you about all of the classes we offer that have extra fees. Depending on which classes you take there may be fees associated. Call the department in the event you have an inquiry regarding the information posted.