Services for High School Students

WELCOME students, counselors, and parents!  

High school students who meet admission criteria can enrich their education with Andrews University courses. Approved courses are available in three formats:

Tuition is just $100 per credit, with a $50 general fee per semester, plus any additional fees listed for a specific course.

Student orientation pages provide essential information to succeed in your Andrews University studies.  Read as you begin your first class, then review each semester to be aware of changes in policy and process.

The counselor resource pages provide valuable information for school counselors or advisors and parents. This includes considerations in the choice of university courses while in high school, as well as information about Andrews University programs of study and preparing for college anywhere.

The homeschool to college pages provide information about preparing a high school transcript, recommendations on best courses to take in high school to be ready for college, standardized testing information and links to homeschooling resources.

An important part of preparing for college is learning how to finance higher education.  We've added a section on paying for college to help you connect to excellent tools for this task.  

Questions are welcome. Contact Us will help you locate the right person to answer.

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