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meganMegan Jones: She thought she wanted to be a lawyer. But found she really liked the Public Relations side of Communication. As a Junior Public Relations major, Megan now owns her own business.



glenGlenn Roper: A largely self-taught designer and founder of The ah HA! Factor Designs LLC, his freelance design firm; and as Managing Editor of Envision, a Christian collegiate lifestyle magazine distributed by the Department of Communication, Glenn keeps busy. Not to mention being married with children.




Heather Thompson: As the newly-published writer of her book Hook, Line, and Sinker, Heather shares how some painful experiences helped prepare her for a positive, God-centered marriage. We did a recent Q & A with this new author.






Shaunielle Abreu: "My favorite class would have to be a Community Development class that I completed with Dr. Delyse Steyn during a summer intensive program. The class brought together Masters level students from around the world. It was an eye-opening experience to discuss various topics with people who have traveled, as well as live and worked overseas."


Rochelle Hanson: "It's been a long time since graduation. Textbooks are closed, exams are far from my mind, and I can barely remember the topic of that final presentation I did for...what was that class called again? Of course I do remember that my major was Journalism, but for some reason I'm working in Marketing... so what was the point of going to university?"

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