PR Major Owns Construction Company

Megan Jones

Public Relations Major

After 1 ½ years at Andrews, Megan thought she wanted to be a lawyer.  But she eventually gravitated toward the Department of Communication—even then, having doubts.  “I felt like ‘Communications’ was too broad,” she said, “but I found I really liked the Public Relations side of Communication. 

As a Junior Public Relations major, Megan, along with her brother, Tyler, Megan owns her own construction and painting company, GMT, which stands for “God, Megan, Tyler”. The company, based out of Massachusetts, is still new; only established in Summer 2010.  She started the business as a way to earn income and provide monetary support for her and Tyler’s education.

“My Dad owns a similar business,” she says, “which he also started in college. My Dad is definitely my motivator.  It is a bonding experience for us.”  But working with family is not always easy.  Megan notes, “You definitely have to have good communication skills when working with family.  Just because you’re family doesn’t mean you can yell at each other across the room, so I have to remember that within the context, they are co-workers and not family.  I’ve learned to just send e-mails if I get frustrated.”

Megan’s PR major has assisted in making GMT known.  They have already been able to collect a large number of potential contractors through their phone calls, brochures, and business cards.  “It’s a lot of work to get your name out there,” she says, “but many people have called back saying they love our work.  The value of networking is huge and persistence is key in maintaining contacts.”  She enjoys managing her own business because she enjoys working for herself.  “I can motivate myself, that way there is never anyone on my back about getting something done,” she says.

Megan also serves as our 2011-2012 PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) President.  We are happy to have her in the as a shining example of initiative and leadership.

By: Ashleigh Burtnett

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