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Sample Proposals
Research Involving Human Subjects

Proposal Form

When the DMin project proposal is submitted to the Project Coach to be reviewed for formal approval by the DMin Committee, it must be accompanied by the information the participant provides on a one-page form.

Project Proposal Submission Form


Proposal Rubric

Use this tool to help you meet the standards for a top-quality project proposal.

Project Proposal Rubric


Sample Proposals

An example of a Doctor of Ministry project proposal prepared according to APA style guidelines is provided below as a MicroSoft Word document.

Generic sample proposal
Generic sample proposal in Spanish

Research Involving Human Subjects

Many DMin project proposals are exempt from review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  But for some projects, the participant will need to apply for IRB review of the proposal.  After the DMin Committee has approved your proposal, the DMin Project Coach will process it, in consultation with the Office of Scholarly Research (OSR), to determine if it must be reviewed by IRB.  If it must be reviewed, then you will need to apply formally.

The Office of Scholarly Research (OSR) supplies the application form you must submit to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to have your proposed doctoral project research approved.

The Office of Scholarly Research is located in the AU Administration Building, 2nd floor; the phone number is 269-471-6361.

Submit the completed form to the IRB via email ( Forms and guidelines are located at Include with the application a research abstract, a research protocol, informed consent forms, a letter of institutional consent, and interview or survey documents or a statement describing the questions to be asked. The OSR does NOT want a copy of the project proposal.

After your research has been approved, send a copy of the IRB approval letter should also be sent to the DMin Project Coach for the participant’s file in the Doctor of Ministry office.


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