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Research Requirements

To graduate as a J. N. Andrews Honors Scholar, the Honors student will complete the following steps culminating in the Senior Honors Thesis:

  1. Take HONS 398 Research Pro-Seminar (Fall of Junior year).
  2. Connect with a faculty member (primary advisor) who will oversee the research/creative activity.
  3. Register for HONS 497 Senior Honor Thesis - a minimum of 2 cr.
  4. Prepare a proposal with the help of a primary advisor (and a secondary advisor of the student's choice).
  5. Obtain approval of the proposal by the Honors Council. Sign up for a proposal time in the Honors office. The student must make sure that his/her advisor can attend.
  6. Complete the Senior Honors Thesis no later than the final semester of the senior year. 
  7. Present the project as a poster at the Honors Reception no later than March of the senior year.
  8. Present the project orally to an interdisciplinary audience at the Honors Thesis Symposium.
  9. Submit the final paper by noon on the Friday before Exam Week with the signatures of the primary and secondary advisors.

Visit the Honors Office for any further questions.

Deadlines and samples can be found on the appropriate pages on the left menu bar.

Poster Session Tips

See Handbook pages 18 - 21 (see Research Forms)

AU Imaging charges large rush fees that should motivate early submission of your poster file for printing.  However, AU Imaging has agreed to offer further incentive for early submission by giving a 20% discount to students who bring in their files for printing by 25 February.  According to Imaging, your .jpg files will look best if at least 300 resolution.  Phone AU Imaging (269-471-6983) if you have any questions, and please take advantage of this 20% discount.  You will need to identify yourself as an Honors Senior Researcher and request the Enhanced Matte paper.  You will be able to charge the printing fee to your AU account.

Poster Font Sizes

After receiving many inquiries about font sizes, we reccommend a font size of about 54-80 for titles/headings and 20s-30s for the body text (depending on space and disciplinary nature). For auxilary text (such as labels on graphs, etc.), slightly smaller font sizes may be used. Please try to avoid a font smaller than size 16 point.

Thesis Symposium Tips

See Handbook pages 22 - 25 (link below if you do not have a hard copy)


Excellent examples of thesis papers, posters and proposals may be found on the Research Samples page.

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