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                                                   Adiabatic Gas Law Apparatus 

The Adiabatic Gas Law Apparatus is used to demonstrate the ideal gas laws. The properties of the gases are investigated in compression or expansion, either rapidly under near adiabatic conditions or slowly under isothermal conditions. Pressure, volume, and temperature are measured simultaneously through highly sensitive transducers with fast response times. Ideal tool for teaching physics, chemistry, and engineering science at high-school and college levels! More...

                                                   Diffusion Cloud Chamber

The Diffusion Cloud Chamber is a device to view tracks created by high-energy particles emitted from radioactive sources, cosmic rays, and background radiation. No dry ice! Simply connect the unit to a source of cold running water, or use the included pump and a container of ice water for hours of continuous use. Radioactive source is supplied. More...

                                                   Force Plate

The Force Plate measures the forces of stepping, jumping, pushing or other human-scale actions. It has two ranges, one for larger forces up to 3500 N, and a more sensitive 800 N range for pushing or pulling experiments. More...

                                                   Wave Motion Demonstrator

The Wave Motion Demonstrator allows mechanical waves to demonstrate the behavior and properties common to many types of waves, for instance wave propagation, reflection at fixed and free boundaries, etc. More...

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