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Student Life Handbook and Hallmarks

Student Planner/Handbook

The Student Planner/Handbook is your guide to life at Andrews University.

Inside is a calendar of University events with room to write in your own appointments and deadlines. You'll also find a complete description of student services, rights, and responsibilities, along with a listing of the University policies that guide student conduct and community life at Andrews.

Students can pick up a copy of the 2013-2014 Student Planner/Handbook at the Student Life Office or download the Student Planner/Handbook from this page.

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Student Life Hallmarks

When it comes to selecting a college, choices are everywhere. The challenge is finding a campus that’s right for you--for your present and your future. Here at Andrews University, we offer a unique kind of college experience. We think it’s a good fit for many different kinds of students. 

Take the next few minutes and let us introduce you to the Four Hallmarks of Student Life at Andrews University. You’ll soon understand that Andrews University is not just another option. It’s a choice to invest in the experiences we believe can deliver a truly life-changing education.


a faith-based university

a wholesome lifestyle

a residential campus

a gathered community


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