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Community Application Process

For Undergrads Under 22 Years Old

1.  Policy: Please read the Residential Living Policy to make certain you qualify for community living before applying. 

2. Application: Community Residential Applications may be obtained online or in the Student Life Office (Campus Center main floor). Applicants may need to affix signature/s in the presence of the assistant to the Vice President for Student Life or her designee.

  • Parents/Grandparents/Aunts/Uncles living in the local area must submit a Michigan/Indiana state driver’s license with a local address within a 45-mile radius of Andrews University to be photocopied by the office.
  • Download community residential forms
    Click here to download the Community Residential Application and Process
    Siblings over the age of 22 who will act as household guardians for a student under the age of 22 must submit a copy of their signed lease, once they have received “Approval with Condition”* status from the office.

3. Review: Applications will be reviewed and, if needed, an appointment with the assistant to the vice president for Student Life will be arranged for further discussion.

4. Notification: Decisions will be rendered within two weeks or according to the designated timeline (see below). Approval, Approval with Condition*, or Denial decisions will be sent on the assistant to the vice president for Student Life's behalf to the applicant’s Andrews University email address.

5. Follow-up: Applicants who have been Approved with Condition* must submit a copy of their signed lease by the first day of the new semester in which the move is made.

*Approval with Condition - This application status may be given to students who have applied to live with a sibling age 22 or more. This status suggests approval is pending our receipt of a copy of the signed lease agreement for the residence where the applicant will live. The older sibling must be listed as a lessee (tenant) on the agreement. Applicants will not be cleared in the registration system until we have received this information. Approval will not exceed the period of one year or the lease term.

Andrews University students are expected to abide by the principles and guidelines delineated in the Student Handbook wherever they may live.

Application Timeline


Semester expected to move application deadline decision rendered by
Fall 2013 July 15 July 30
Spring 2014 November 5 November 19


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