Faculty and Staff

Providing Quality Education

Name Phone Room Email

Alumni/Development Coordinator
471-6140 A-60 acadalum@andrews.edu
Steven Atkins
Biology and Earth Science Instructor
471-6179 A-71 satkins@andrews.edu
Carrie Chao
Chemistry and Mathematics Instructor
471-3142 A-77 chao@andrews.edu
Mario Ferguson
Technology and Religion Instructor
471-3138 C-09, A-26 phiannie@andrews.edu
Hector Flores
Orchestra,Strings, Choir & Vocal Instructor
471-6206 C-45 floresh@andrews.edu
Graciela Gaytan
Assistant to Principal/Business Manager
471-6139 A-12 gaytan@andrews.edu
Alvin Glassford
Religion Instructor
471-6143 A-23 alving@andrews.edu
Jeannie Leiterman
471-3140 A-14 leiterma@andrews.edu
Ben Martin
PMC Youth Pastor
471-6176 benjaminm@andrews.edu
Samantha Mills
Physical Education
471-3145 B-04 samantham@andrews.edu
Gina Pellegrini
AAPT Director & Learning Specialist
471-6488 A-39 ginap@andrews.edu
Esther Penn
Administrative Assistant
471-3138 Main Office penn@andrews.edu
Christine Rorabeck
ESL Supervisor
471-6190 A-58 rorabecc@andrews.edu
Keila Sanchez
Spanish Instructor & Yearbook
471-6142 C-37 ksanchez@andrews.edu
Linda Sanford
Guidance Counselor
471-3453 Main Office lindas@andrews.edu
Ivonne Segui-Weiss
471-6234 A-19 seguiwei@andrews.edu
David Sherman
History Instructor
471-6193 A-31 sherman@andrews.edu
David VanDenburgh
English Instructor
471-6187 A-36 denburgh@andrews.edu
Rebecca Wright
English Instructor
471-6137 A-33 wrightr@andrews.edu
Richard Wright
Physics and Mathematics Instructor
471-6177 A-61 rwright@andrews.edu
April Younker
Home Economics Instructor
471-3140 C-30 ayounker@andrews.edu