Future Plans 

Our planned additions and renovations to the Architecture Building help us to promote the harmonious development of mental, physical, and spiritual powers by design. They also increase our capacity to promote wellness in communities around the world. And they help us to rejuvenate a corner of campus as a center for creative hands-on learning, outdoor life, and faith transformation.

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Never are we to seek for outward show. Let our showing be such that the light of truth can shine through our good works, so that God will be glorified by the use of the very best methods to restore the sick and to relieve the suffering.
— Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 7
Floor plan showing planned phases of construction

Floor plan showing planned phases of construction

Future Graduate Studio

New Workshop

Construction Progress

The new Workshop will increase our capacity to serve around the world, including through mobile medical units and healthy low-VOC dwellings. It will also enable more students to be engaged in collaborative, healthy, physically active learning. Non-tuition revenue generated by this work is to help reduce the cost of education.